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Keen: Overview

This Keen review can bravely suggest that the mentioned site is one of the most reliable platforms in the industry with a large selection of services, affordable rates, and experienced psychics. In addition, the site has attractive discounts and offers for its users. For example, you can get the first 3 minutes for free or pay $1.99 for 10 minutes. 

Keen: Overview
💲Average price per minute $1.99 – $30 per minute
📧Means of communicationMail, call, live chat 
🔥Special offer for new users– First 3 minutes free or $1.99 for 10 minutes
– Refer-a-Friend program
🧑‍🤝‍🧑Monthly visits 1.8M
🔮Reading typesPsychic
Past life readings
Fortune telling
Dream analysis
Occult practices
New Age spirituality
Universal laws
Picture readings
Palm readings
Eastern philosophy
Keen Ratings
Simplicity of use
Accuracy of readings
Customer support
Satisfaction Guarantee
Average Score

Also, there’s an opportunity to participate in the Refer-a-Friend program. It’s a great chance for both you and your friend to leverage a special offer. A friend who uses your referral link will get 3 free minutes to use the services available on the site. These can be psychic and tarot readings to get answers to questions that have been disturbing them. Meanwhile, you’ll get a $50 Keen coupon to spend on the site.

Yet, if you aren’t satisfied with the readings, most Keen reviews mention that the site gives your money back. It has effective filtering systems yet lacks video readings. However, it might not come as a hindrance because the advisors write detailed and concise explanations for each reading.    

Keen’s main features

Keen Psychic Website Review

Our Keen psychic’s review will focus on some of the notable points about the site:

  • Several types of readings. When using Keen, you can scroll through the site’s categories to see what kind of services it offers. There, you can find both common and unique offers, such as pet psychics and Vedic astrology.
  • Pay-per-minute pricing structure. Keen has many advisors to choose from, so the most experienced ones will have rather high rates. The lowest price per minute is $1.99, while the highest reaches $30. This is a convenient payment scheme because you understand what you pay for and can control the duration of the session.
  • Psychics are experienced in many areas. Keen reviews mention that the platform is full of experts skilled in several types of readings, so you’re likely to find all the answers you’re looking for on this site.
  • Different ways of reaching out to advisors. Whether you prefer calls or chats, both options are available on the platform.
  • Refer-a-Friend program. Tell your friend about Keen and both of you can avail of generous promotions. Your friend will achieve Keen free 3 minutes to spend on services, and you’ll get a $50 coupon to spend on the site.
  • Daily horoscope. If you use a subscription option, you can make the most out of a daily horoscope. Get astrological predictions related to your zodiac signs and have a glimpse of the future.
  • Blog posts. Once you perform a Keen psychic login, you will have an excellent opportunity to discover the world of astrology and otherworldly forces. Enlarge your knowledge in these matters by reading useful blog posts.
  • Numerous niches to work with. The specialists are available on the site to work with numerous niches besides psychic reading. Financial outlook, life questions, mediumship — this is just a glimpse of what you can discover after completing the registration on the platform.
  • Advanced mobile experience. You can make the most out of the dedicated mobile apps for Android and iOS that deliver the same features available on the desktop version. This allows you to boost your experience and chat with psychic advisors regardless of your location.

Keen psychic login—Pros and cons

Consider all the advantages and disadvantages of using the Keen psychic website. Therefore, you will better understand what outcome you will achieve while using the platform.  

  • Get Keen psychics assistance 24/7
  • Secure experience with anonymous and confidential sessions
  • Experienced Keen advisors ready to help in every life sphere
  • Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Mobile app for chatting
  • Lacks a video chat option
  • Keen app is inferior to the desktop version in terms of features
  • After you use 3 free minutes, you will be charged according to specific rates

Types of Readings on Keen

Keen reviews prove that the platform has an abundance of services to choose from, namely:

  • Love and relationships. If you’re struggling with finding a partner or don’t understand how to advance your relationship with a soulmate, a psychic will dive deeper into the problems and come up with a comprehensive solution.
  • Life questions. Sometimes, people have general life questions, like those about their careers, health, or social circle. And that’s when psychics come into play. They’ll make your life much easier and give you guidance.
  • Tarot readings. Tarot readers on Keen can help you solve the mysteries in your life by looking at what the cards have to say.
  • Spiritual readings. If you’re feeling lost and don’t understand what matters to you the most, psychics at Keen can help you rediscover your values.
  • Dream interpretation. Understanding your dreams is like having a key to many doors and solving the tasks you didn’t know how to approach. Our subconscious tells us a lot about the things happening around and gives hints as to what actions we should take. So, interpreting your dreams can help you receive valuable insights and understand what path you should take.
  • Numerology. If you’ve been looking for guidelines to know more about your strengths and weaknesses and the probability of some events happening, then you can leverage numerology. You can reach out to real psychics on Keen and start by analyzing your date of birth. Numerology will tell you a lot about your future, relationships, and personal development.
  • Angel readings. Such readings are aimed at finding out what the angels want to tell you. The psychics often use special decks of cards that have inspirational phrases on them to let the clients know what they should focus their energies on. It helps to connect both with the angels and your intuition, providing answers to the questions that have been bothering you for a while.
  • Astrology. Keen spiritual advisors provide the clients with a more objective understanding of their characters, tell more about their talents and potential, and explain how they can improve their communication with others. It forewarns them about the upcoming challenges in their lives and aids in planning every step according to the received knowledge.
  • Cartomancy. This type of reading at Keen is aimed at accurately telling you how and when things will happen. It’s a great method for those who want a certain answer to the question because the professional will read several cards and interpret their meaning to provide you with some context.
  • Additional categories. Based on numerous Keen reviews, the site offers Chinese astrology, otherworld connections, chakra cleansing, and dream interpretation, to name a few.

Keen—legit or scam?

Is Keen legit? Yes, it’s a credible platform that provides high-quality readings and has recently celebrated its 20th anniversary. A poor site with scammers wouldn’t have made it through so many years. Keen reviews mention that the platform pays attention to each applicant wanting to work with them because it cares about its reputation and aims to prevent inexperienced amateurs from harming the overall user experience.  

How to find the right psychic for you

You’d definitely want to schedule a session with the most accurate psychic on Keen because it’s critical to choose a specialist whose area of focus aligns with your requests. For example, a specific professional might be great at Tarot readings but not have enough experience with astrology. That’s why you need to be careful when choosing among real psychics on Keen. These are some tips that will help you decide on the right professional:

  1. Decide what you’re looking for

    If you want to get a clear-cut answer to the questions, you’ll probably choose someone specializing in Tarot cards. Meanwhile, if you want to find out more about your strengths and weaknesses or seek guidance, then you’ll need someone experienced with Angel readings or astrology. Choose the professional depending on the desired outcome because that’s how you can be sure you’ll benefit from the reading. 

  2. Read several Keen psychic reading reviews about the specialists.

    Usually, customers leave their reviews about the psychics they communicated with to let them understand what to expect from the selected specialist. So, scroll through a couple of reviews to see if a certain psychic matches your expectations. 

  3. Take a look at the prices and ratings.

    Different psychics have different approaches, methodologies, and the number of years they’ve spent in the industry. So, decide if you want to communicate with someone more experienced or don’t mind getting a reading from a professional who recently started one’s journey. Yet, be ready to pay more if you want to have a session with a more experienced psychic. 

  4. Communicate in the chat.

    To spot the most accurate psychic on Keen for you, don’t hesitate to start a chat and ask some questions to see if this specialist matches your vibe. Remember that you have to feel comfortable and safe when communicating with a psychic, so do some research before requesting a reading. 

  5. Schedule a session and see if it meets your expectations.

    When you’ve finally decided on the psychic and the type of reading you want to get, pay attention to your feelings during the session. If you don’t feel comfortable enough, don’t hesitate to select another specialist. 

Also, you can take a look at some of the best psychics on Keen we’ve listed below and choose one of them!

Top 5 Keen Advisors

Keen advisors undergo a rigid selection process before registering on the platform. All of them have a high level of expertise and enough skills to deliver high-quality services based on the type of psychic niche. Psychic readers work in multiple spheres and use various methods to produce a result. You can choose the life sphere category to find an expert who will live up to your expectations. This Keen pyschic review outlines the best contenders currently available online for you to better understand who you will communicate with after joining the site. 


Shoushan Psychic Profile at Keen.com

Shoushan is a multi-dimensional psychic who makes predictions and uses unique methods to give insightful advice. In her practice, the expert uses the power of love to lift the spiritual awareness in all of us. Shoushan is engaged in coffee readings, Cartouche Cards reading, Nefertiti Psychic Reading Cards reading, and Ancient Egyptian Art. On Keen, the psychic reader has a 4.9 rating and approximately 72K reviews from her clients. The rates for Shoushan’s services are average. You will need to spend $5.99 per minute to give insightful advice from this expert. 


msfrancine1970 Psychic Profile at Keen.com

This advisor specializes in love & relationship, so if you have some issues in your love affairs, feel free to approach msfrancine1970. On her personal page, she has more than 5K reviews and the users claim that msfrancine1970 is in touch with the Lord and shares her gift freely. With more than 15 years of experience and almost 20K sessions with positive Keen reviews, this psychic reader knows how to deliver accurate and clear outcomes. You will need to pay $4.50 per minute to talk to an expert. This is a rather generous price for the results you get. 


RexFrederick Psychic Profile at Keen.com

RexFrederick is an experienced astrologer who works with love affairs, marriage, finances, and careers. While being one of the best Keen psychics, he provides down-to-earth and insightful readings. That is why this expert has so many returning clients and boasts almost 17K Keen reviews. While having a rather high rating (4.7) on the platform, RexFrederick sets up moderate rates. Enjoy accurate astrology readings while paying only $5.99 per minute. 

Guided Solutions

Guided Solutions Psychic Profile at Keen.com

If there is love in your mind and heart, feel free to talk to this advisor. Guided Solutions are Clairvoyant (clear seeing), Clairaudient (clear hearing), and Empath (energy feeling). In her work, she uses her senses and intuitions, but the readings she delivers are accurate, precise, and full of necessary details. You can approach Guided Solutions via email or chat options. The price for the services of this expert is $2.96, so it is a great opportunity to ask all the questions that concern you. 

Future Predictor Elisa

Future Predictor Elisa Psychic Profile at Keen.com

If you are all about fortune telling or future predictions, you can address Elisa. She is one of the most sought-after Keen psychics who have such specialties as and career & work, love & relationships, past lives, LGBTQ issues, money, and prosperity. Elisa is a medium, clairvoyant, empath, tarot, and astrology reader. If you want to entrust your life problems to this advisor, be ready to pay $6.65 per minute. Even though the rate is higher than average, the experience you achieve is worth every dollar you spend. That is what the users tell in the testimonials about Future Predictor Elisa. 

Try the Keen Quiz to Choose Your Psychic

With a diverse array of talented readers offering various specialties, it’s crucial to align with someone who understands and caters to your specific interests and questions. Thus, the Keen website provides another way to find a psychic — a newly implemented feature — a Keen psychic reading quiz. Whether you’re seeking clarity about love and relationships, career and finances, or simply wish to explore the depths of your inner self, the quiz has been carefully crafted to identify the most compatible psychic for you.

On the main page, you will find the “Get Matched” button that will link you to the quiz:

Keen Quiz to Choose Your Psychic

In the psychic readings quiz, you will need to answer several questions about yourself. You can see the examples in the screenshots below:

Keen quiz questions

In the end, the website will show the list of best advisors who fit your needs: 

Keen quiz best advisors who fit your needs

Pricing and Discounts

Before you proceed with the keen.com sign in, take time to learn the prices and discounts the site offers to its users. 

Keen psychic offers a moderate pricing policy, flexible rates, and a satisfaction guarantee. Overall, you will need to pay from $1.99 to $30 per minute to achieve psychic advice. The rates depend on the experience and skills of an expert, so you can browse the catalog to choose the best fit.

According to the terms and conditions of keen.com, every novice user can expect the following perks:

  • 3 free minutes or 10 minutes only for $1.99 for talking with the best Keen psychic of your choice. 
  • Become a participant in a Refer-a-Friend program to make the most out of a $50 coupon that you can spend on your favorite services. 
  • Satisfaction guaranteed. The site values each client and offers generous refunds for those who aren’t satisfied with Keen psychic reading sessions. 
  • The site offers different kinds of promo codes to please both newcomers and returning users. 

Since keen.com is a paid platform, you will need to pick one of the available payment options on the site to purchase credits. You can choose between the following payment methods.

  • PayPal
  • Visa
  • Discover
  • American Express
  • MasterCard
  • Pre-paid debit or Gift Cards

Customer experience 

Keen psychic reviews

This Keen pyschic review can’t but mention what the users say about the website. Customer experience is one of the decisive points when it comes to choosing a platform for a psychic reading. Our team carefully analyzed keen.com and studied numerous real customer reviews to create our own verdict. Aside from the user’s testimonials on the platform, we discovered a lot of interesting facts on such trusted platforms as TrustPilot. On this site, keen.com has a 3.9 rating and more than 400 reviews. The majority of users are satisfied with the services and the Keen psychic reading sessions. Familiarize yourself with the positives and negatives the real customers mentioned in their testimonials. 

What users like 👍

The users like the following things about the Keen psychic website:

  • An extensive database of experienced readers who have an urge to help people 
  • Eye-pleasing interface with a lot of tools available at hand
  • Multiple free perks that allow for more advanced user experience 
  • Advantageous offers for newcomers

What users don’t like 👎

  • It is necessary to verify a credit card to use the services of the site
  • Some advisors may tell different things
  • It takes a long time to find great advisors since the database is really huge

How to use the Keen psychic website

This Keen pyschic review also considers how to use the platform. With this mini guide, navigating and taking advantage of the Keen reading services will be a breeze. 

  1. Perform a keen.com sign in to access the entire bundle of features of the site. The billing system, chats, and calls are available only for registered users. 
Keen login / sign up / registration
  1. Look for advisors based on your needs and category. Whether you want to improve your relationships or boost your career prospects, you can definitely find an expert who will fulfill all your needs. 
How to Find a Psychic at Keen.com
  1. Check out the profiles of Keen psychics to find the best match. You can read numerous details about advisors by visiting their personal pages. It is possible to find out more about the experience, and the number of sessions provided, and read the user testimonials.  
Keen Psychic Profile
  1. Choose one of the available methods to contact a specialist. You can get in touch with a psychic advisor via mail, phone, or instant chat. 
Choose Psychic session available method
  1. Pay only after the session. All the discounts will be included. The rates are fair, so you can be sure about the authenticity of the services. 
  2. Leave a testimonial to share your experience with other users. Your personal opinion will be useful for novice users, so feel free to showcase it. 
  3. If you aren’t happy with the services, you can make the most out of the satisfaction guarantee.

Keen mobile app overview

A bunch of Keen.com reviews suggest that the site has a user-friendly app available both for iOS and Android. You can easily download it and access the app with your existing login. It has features that are similar to those available on the site. For example, you can quickly connect with readers, look through specialists’ profiles, schedule chats and calls, and get free horoscopes via the app. 

keen mobile app

Although the Keen app doesn’t have all the categories listed, it still includes some of the most popular ones, namely, astrology, love and relationships, love angel tarot Keen readings, and mediumship. So, it’s better to use the app as an addition to the site when you have already selected the desired category and found your psychic. 

In general, the Keen app has a simple yet attractive interface, and it’s easy to find the necessary functions. It doesn’t have too bright colors, and you won’t be constantly distracted by endless searches for the needed buttons. 

FAQ on Keen

What is Keen?

keen.com is an outstanding platform that allows users to access the database of one of the most prominent spiritual practitioners available online. The site includes a lot of useful features to help users get the best experience possible. All the sessions with Keen phychics are paid. Nevertheless, the platform provides generous offers to please both novice users and returning clients. 

Is Keen secure & confidential?

Numerous users ponder over the question: Is keen legit? The answer is yes since the platform is verified, secure, and provides privacy for each user. Each conversation you have with a Keen reading advisor is confidential, and the site doesn’t reveal it to third parties. You shouldn’t also worry about the billing details. The site is protected by advanced algorithms, so you can be sure that your personal information and financial resources are safe.

Does Keen have a refund policy?

As it was mentioned in the Keen pyschic review, the site provides a satisfaction guarantee for those users who aren’t happy with the services. You can approach the customer support team and explain all your concerns. Keep in mind that the money refund is possible only if you aren’t satisfied with the last session, not that provided a month or two ago.

How to find my trusted advisor on Keen?

You can trust all Keen psychics on the site since they are carefully selected by the administration of the site. However, it is still necessary to find the right specialist whom you can trust and delegate the task of interpreting your future. That is why feel free to use the search by categories and browse the profiles of the most high-rated specialists. It is worth mentioning that those psychics who claim higher rates also provide high-quality services. However, most likely, they are new to the Keen reading scene. 

Can a Keen psychic really tell me my future?

You can reach out to Keen spiritual advisors if you have questions related to your future, and they’ll help you understand what it holds for you. Psychics use different methods and techniques depending on your request to tap into the predictions for you. Yet, you have to understand that your actions affect the upcoming events, so the information you’ve heard from the specialist might differ from reality because certain things happened in your life.

Are there any popular alternatives to Keen?

Yes, there are several popular psychic sites. For example, you can check out Kasamba, MysticSense, and California Psychics. They also provide high-quality services and have similar price ranges.

How do I get free minutes on Keen?

You get 3 free minutes on Keen after registration. That’s a deal available for all new users. You can also leverage the Refer-a-friend program and get a $50 coupon to spend on the platform.

How can you connect with Keen advisors?

Start off with creating an account on Keen and then looking through psychics’ profiles to see what they have to offer. Keep searching until you find the specialist who resonates with you, and then click a “chat” or “call” button. Then, you choose to get a reading now or schedule one, depending on the psychic’s availability.

Summing up 

If you want to plunge deeper into the world of spiritual mysteries, you will need to find a reliable platform to get a smooth and effective experience. This Keen psychics review is dedicated to the features, prices, offers, and Keen available psychic specialists. Being armed with this information, you can analyze the strong and weak points of the website and determine whether it is worth the investment. Are you ready to take a glimpse into the future and discover all possible ways to change your life? Then address the Keen psychic line and enjoy top-tier services.

Keen Psychic Website Video Review

How Keen compares to other psychic reading sites

When reading Keen psychic reading reviews, you might have noticed that users point out the sites that provide similar features and have many positive reviews. It’s always a good idea to have an alternative, so we want to help you make a more considerate choice by comparing some of the most popular sites in the psychic readings niche. So, let’s take a look at them so you can understand whether you want to stick with Keen or want to try out other sites too!

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California Psychics
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Purple Garden
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Keen vs Kasamba

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These are the two most popular sites for getting psychic readings. They have large psychic databases, various pricing options, and a bunch of services. For example, both sites have bonuses for those who have just joined them and offer to choose from various types of readings. Both sites have specialists experienced in love and relationships, Tarot, fortune telling, dream analysis, and other popular readings. 

Keen offers such additional psychic services as Feng Shui, numerology, and aura cleansing. Meanwhile, Kasamba has a wider range of unique features, namely, occult, Kabbalah, and past life readings. Yet, Keen and Kasamba have convenient search filters that make it easier to find the reader who will help you get the desired insights. 

As for the customer support and the site’s user-friendliness in general, you can easily dial the Keen psychic line and get the needed help; the same goes for Kasamba. Both sites have been in the industry for 20 years so far and have a lot of positive reviews from customers who leveraged their services. Such a considerable experience proves that users trust the mentioned brands.

Keen and Kasamba have sections with useful articles and horoscopes, and Keen offers an instant Tarot reading tool. You just select one card from the deck of three and get a quick insight.  

Verdict: if you’re looking for a wide variety of reading categories, you should opt for Kasamba, and if you prefer choosing from a higher number of specialists and tools, Keen is your go-to choice.

Keen Prices 💲 Kasamba Prices 💲
$1.99–$30 per minute $1.69–$25.49 per minute
Keen Services 🔮 Kasamba Services 🔮
Tarot Psychic
Astrology Tarot
Spiritual readings Fortune telling
Dream Interpretation Dream analysis
Feng Shui Astrology
Numerology Palm readings
Angel Readings Numerology
Aura Cleansing Paranormal
Cartomancy Past life readings
Keen Special offers 🔥 Kasamba Special offers 🔥
3 first minutes for free or $1.99 for 10 minutes 3 first minutes for free and 15% off the first session
Refer-a-Friend program that offers a $50 Keen coupon frequent deals/coupons sent by email

Keen vs MysticSense

Read Review

Both sites have large selections of services in different categories, including love, and relationships, life questions, and Tarot readings. At Keen, you can get readings via phone and chat, while MysticSense offers sessions via phone, chat, and video, alongside the opportunity to meet psychic advisors in person. 

Speaking of the prices, MysticSense has lower rates and offers 5 free minutes or 10 minutes for $1.99 after you sign up. Keen has slightly higher rates because it has a more experienced pool of psychics. Yet, you can find specialists charging $1.99 per minute or schedule a session with someone whose prices start at over 10$. You’ll also get 3 free minutes after registration. 

Keen offers a satisfaction guarantee if you’re not satisfied with your reading, and so does MysticSense. Both sites are convenient, and you won’t have to spend hours trying to find the desired options. Yet, Keen is more advanced because it has more well-thought-out search filters that are laid out in a logical way. Also, it has price and rating sliders that make choosing the psychic much easier. 

Verdict: MysticSense has more affordable rates, but Keen has a higher concentration of experienced specialists. 

Keen Prices 💲 MysticSense Prices 💲
$1.99–$30 per minute $0.99–$10 per minute
Keen Services 🔮 MysticSense Services 🔮
Tarot Affairs and cheating hearts
Astrology Toxic relationships
Spiritual readings Finding new love
Dream Interpretation Friends and social life
Feng Shui
Angel Readings
Aura Cleansing
Keen Special offers 🔥 MysticSense Special offers 🔥
3 first minutes for free or $1.99 for 10 minutes first 5 minutes of your first reading are free
Refer-a-Friend program that offers a $50 Keen coupon

Keen vs California Psychics

Read Review

These two sites go toe-to-toe when it comes to psychic readings because they have large user databases and offer high-quality services. Keen has 5 main categories, but you can also find additional ones that are unique, such as cartomancy, aura cleansing, and Mayan and Vedic astrology. There are over 150 readers on the site. Meanwhile, California Psychics has about 400 psychics and 9 main categories of readings. It also allows searching for specialists based on their experience, tools, and reading style. 

Speaking of the prices, California Psychics has a bunch of introductory packages with different rates depending on the psychics’ experience. At the same time, Keen sticks to the standard payment scheme, which means you pay for the number of minutes you’ve used. 

Both sites have mobile apps that allow users to have sessions with the readers on the go. The platforms also allow arranging calls with the psychics that aren’t available at the moment by putting you on the waiting list. 

Verdict: both sites put effort into adding more services and increasing the number of psychics in their databases. The main difference between them is that Keen allows free registration, while you have to purchase an introductory package at California Psychics to get started. Yet, Keen has higher rates when it comes to scheduling sessions with more experienced professionals. 

Keen Prices 💲 California Psychics Prices 💲
$1.99–$30 per minute $4–$10 per minute
Keen Services 🔮 California Psychics Services 🔮
Tarot Empath
Astrology Medium
Spiritual readings Clairvoyance
Dream Interpretation Dream Analysis
Feng Shui Remote Viewing
Numerology Channeling
Angel Readings Tarot
Aura Cleansing Astrology
Cartomancy Numerology
Keen Special offers 🔥 California Psychics Special offers 🔥
3 first minutes for free or $1.99 for 10 minutes buy 20 first minutes for $1, $2, or $4 per minute
Refer-a-Friend program that offers a $50 Keen coupon first psychic reading by phone for $1/minute
Karma Rewards Program
Terry Kite
Top psychic writer
Currently, I decided to share my experience and knowledge with those who want to see what is behind the curtain of human sight. That is why I write articles dedicated to psychics and other spiritual practices on PsychicHouseOfMagic.com.
  1. Keen’s numerology reading brought clarity to my life decisions. The psychic’s guidance was exceptional. I found many proven psychics with remarkable reviews. Worth every penny!

  2. The pet psychics on Keen were average. My reading lacked depth, and I expected better accuracy. Prices were reasonable, but I’m unsure about using their service again

  3. The psychic’s ability to connect with my loved ones was comforting. The platform’s convenience made the whole experience hassle-free. Highly recommended for spiritual insights!

  4. I opted for a pet psychic reading on Keen, and it was heartwarming. The psychic’s connection with my pet was incredible. The process was smooth and enjoyable!

  5. Keen has proven psychics! I had an aura reading that left me enlightened and inspired. The platform offers a sufficient number of reviews to make informed choices. high quality of service. Truly a worthwhile experience!

  6. Keen’s psychic readings are top-notch! I chose a tarot reading, and the psychic’s accuracy amazed me. The prices are reasonable. Highly recommend!

  7. Career tarot reading on Keen helped me gain valuable insights into my professional path. The psychic was insightful and supportive, offering guidance that aligns perfectly with my goals!

  8. My chakra healing session was transformative. The practitioner’s energy work was exceptional, leaving me feeling balanced and rejuvenated. A truly uplifting experience!

  9. I had an aura reading with Keen, but the experience didn’t provide the depth of information I expected. The psychic was kind, but I didn’t get the clarity I was hoping for.

  10. Keen’s love tarot reading was incredibly accurate and brought clarity to my relationship. The psychic’s warm demeanor made me feel comfortable, and I received valuable insights. Highly recommended for love seekers!

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