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Everclear Psychics Review

The top-notch Everclear psychic will guide you to the place of clarity and illuminate the journey ahead by providing you with a selection of readings that cover the most popular aspects of life: love, relationships, destiny, goals, and ambitions. To make your stay even more comfortable, Everclear users will be treated to an introductory offer of 3 free minutes—a welcome deal that is specifically reserved for newcomers. After conducting a thorough Everclear review, we can confirm that most psychics vetted by the agency are engaging, passionate, and empathetic. If you require another reading to gain clarity and receive valuable insights, Everclear guarantees to deliver a refund for a reading of $25.

In this Everclear psychic review, we manage to shed light on the main features of this premium psychic community and the reason they host the world’s friendliest experts that can help you face life’s challenges for an acceptable rate of $3-$6 per minute. Another aspect that speaks to Everclear’s credibility is the fact that all Everclear psychics can be easily accessed via chat or phone. Here, the veteran experts with many years in business demonstrate their professional qualities in a light-hearted, entertaining manner with competitive pricing making Everclear a great place to be. The vetting system at Everclear ensures all practitioners are checked at least twice before they join the ranks of high-skilled psychic advisors. 

Everclear: Overview
💲Average price per minute $3.00—$6.00
📧Means of communicationPhone
🔥Special offer for new usersFree 3 minutes for the first reading 
👥 Number of psychics 200+
🔮Reading typesAstrology
Tarot readings
Love readings
Everclear Ratings
Simplicity of use
Accuracy of readings
Customer support
Satisfaction Guarantee
Average Score

Everclear’s main features 

Everclear Psychics Review

From the first seconds you start exploring the Everclear browser version and the customized Everclear app, it becomes evident that this platform was made with users in mind. We can point out the main features that set Everclear apart from other psychic services tailored to fit the users’ expectations:

  • Personalized guidance. No matter if you are struggling with personal issues or need some positivity to brighten your day, Everclear’s Lifescopes program is going to fill you with uplifting vibes for the rest of the week. It sends inspirational messages and personalized advice to Everclear users.
  • Introductory offers. To form a well-rounded opinion on Everclear services and provide you with a detailed Everclear review on how the company works, we studied the welcome offers presented by the service. After you become a customer at Everclear, you will be given a free 3-minute reading with any psychic advisor.
  • Volley chat system. If you choose the quieter option and decide to communicate with Everclear psychics using chat, you will become familiar with the volley system, where volley is the first message that you get from an advisor. Everclear customers will be charged for every new volley each time they pose a question or need some clarification on spiritual matters.
  • Mobile app for users. The Everclear psychic app is an extremely convenient addition to the platform’s interactive design, allowing customers to choose welcome / seasonal / promotional offers. Although it does not feature any special discounts apart from those included in the welcome offer, it can be used to order readings on the go.

Types of readings on Everclear Psychics

If you are new to the platform, you will be offered a choice between two types of psychics: empaths and spiritual advisors. We believe the option deserves an honorable mention in the Everclear psychic review to give users a fuller understanding of what the website has prepared for newcomers and returning customers. 

You can also choose the skills the psychics possess and the tools that they use to perform a reading. The platform has a matching tool to make the process of choosing the Everclear psychic a piece of cake. Readers at Everclear specialize in covering the most popular and mainstream topics like Everclear tarot readings, Everclear astrology, love and relationships, money and finances, love tarot reading, career tarot reading, and numerology

Everclear—legit or scam?

Before you decide to order an Everclear reading, you have to be sure that the Everclear advisor you are going to ask for help is a legit one. Thankfully, we have good news on this one—all Everclear psychics are carefully vetted before they can provide services on a regular basis. If the psychic wants to join the ranks of high-skilled advisors, they have to start with the Everclear psychic application. Then, the advisor’s skills are tested twice within the three-week period. If the agency is satisfied with the expert’s level of knowledge, they will be put on a probation period of 10 days total.

Every session with the client hosted on the platform is monitored by the customer support team and management. Everclear psychics selected for a reading need to display ethical principles of the service and adhere to its community credo. Apart from the rigorous testing system established for evaluating psychics, the service offers an alternative method of proving their legitimacy in the form of satisfaction guarantees. If the customers find the reading to be unsatisfactory, they will have $25 funded to their account in credits. 

Pros and cons


  • Detailed and informative psychic profiles
  • Welcome offer of free 3-minute readings
  • Mobile app for iOS and Android users
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Helpful customer service
  • No-nonsense, accurate readings
  • Rigorous screening process for psychics


  • The psychic readers cannot be accessed via a video chat option
  • A number of psychic guides have unrealistic claims in their profiles

Top Everclear psychic advisors 

Seeking sound advice and reasonable warnings before starting a new business? Determined to improve your love life once and for all? Everclear psychics are here to make sure you get the assistance you are looking for. Thoroughly vetted and screened before joining the psychic community, they are now able to do tarot and astrology readings for users. Acknowledged internationally for their empathetic approach, Everclear psychics will do their best to clear the path ahead. Here are the top psychic advisors you can find on the platform.

Pricing and discounts

In addition to the generous introductory rate of 3 free minutes for your first psychic session, you will be lavished with welcome deals from the service that include paying the extraordinarily low $1.99 for a 10-minute reading. If you are a return customer at Everclear, you will also get a $10 credit that can be used for the next reading.

If you decide to go with the option of chatting with an advisor via text, you should be familiar with the term “volley” that originated on the platform. Instead of paying per minute, you will pay by volley (the first message you get from an Everclear advisor). The platform benefits from having psychics set their own rates per minute. The average rate you can find at Everclear varies from $1.99 to $10.99, but most psychics will charge $3-$6 for a minute of reading.

Customer experience 

Being around for quite a while. Everclear undoubtedly possesses features attracting users to the psychic platform like bees to honey. Many of them point out the convenience of having detailed psychic profiles that are available in just a few clicks. The majority of Everclear return clients praise the consistency of the platform that only allows vetted psychics to become a part of the certified family of experts after they have passed a 10-day evaluation period and two rigorous tests. 

The ability to access the preferred expert using the Everclear psychic app is another undisputed benefit. The fact that you can order readings on the go makes the entire service a great deal for money. With competitive rates and offers that allow you to get a free 3-minute reading, users believe that you need to give this service a go. The only complaints expressed by regular customers pertain to the communication methods available and basic search functions. There are users who believe that adding a video chat option would be a plus point for many of Everclear’s long-time fans.

✅ Advantages of Everclear according to users:

  • Easily accessible mobile app for iOS and Android users
  • Detailed bios posted by the psychic advisors
  • The screening process allowing to choose top psychics
  • Reasonable pricing suited for all budgets

❌ Disadvantages of Everclear according to users:

  • The platform’s filtering tool needs to be optimized
  • Only two communication methods are available

How to use Everclear website?

  1. To find a psychic that exceeds your expectations, you can start by visiting the main page of the Everclear website and finding the Begin button.
Everclear visit main page
  1. You will be redirected to a welcome page, where you need to click on Get Started to start the search for a perfect psychic.
Everclear search a psychic

  1. The next page will feature questions aimed to help you choose the right psychic. You will be asked to select the tools they use, the preferred communication method, and the life area you wish to discuss with the psychic.
Everclear choose the reading type
  1. To create an account at Everclear, you don’t have to provide your payment information or any sensitive details that might potentially breach the privacy agreement. You can connect your psychic account with Google or Facebook to save time and effort.
Everclear registration

  1. Once you have selected the psychic, you will see their bio information displayed in their profile. At the bottom of the page, you will find customer reviews and psychic background information like years in business, tools that they use, and the range of psychic specialties to help you make an informed decision.
Everclear Psychic information
Everclear user reviews
Everclear readings

Everclear app

Everclear app

And what about those seeking spiritual guidance who prefer only mobile experience? In this case, you can benefit from the Everclear mobile application readily available to download in the App Store and Play Market. 

The Everclear app is a great way to access a team of expert psychics who provide round-the-clock assistance in diverse specialties such as numerology, tarot reading, astrology, and much more. This user-friendly mobile app is free to download and provides newcomers with an exciting opportunity to receive their initial minutes of consultation with the psychic of their choice absolutely free. This unique service is also available through their website.

The Everclear application ensures users’ peace of mind and data security, employing state-of-the-art encryption technology for all transactions you make during the purchase of a consultation.


Is Everclear Psychics secure & confidential?

The platform has incorporated a vetting process for psychics to make sure Everclear remains a confidential source of help and support from trusted practitioners. Since all psychics at Everclear undergo screening and respect their customers’ privacy, the private details of your conversations will never be disclosed.

Does Everclear Psychics have a refund policy?

If you ever feel like your reading at Everclear was vague and unconvincing and did not cover all the specific topics that you mentioned in your conversation, you can always ask for a service refund. To accomplish this, you have to get the Everclear psychic customer service number and send a request within 72 hours.

How to find my trusted advisor on Everclear Psychics?

Ready to find your trusted advisor on Everclear? The platform has made the process of signing up for a reading as simple as ever: all you have to do is click the Begin button on the main page and choose the psychic based on three major criteria (tools. type of connection, and specialty). You will be redirected to the psychics’ profile pages with bios and background information.

Does Everclear Psychics have a mobile app?

Everclear psychic service has an intuitive mobile app that was made for Android and iOS users. It has the same features as the browser version of the platform (messages, chat, notifications, psychics’ profiles) and can be used to order readings on the go.


Everclear is highly regarded by long-term users that love the idea of a website that makes them a priority and promotes the policy of customer satisfaction. With readers that are empathetic, warm, and friendly, we are not in the least surprised Everclear has an unblemished reputation. Generous offers allowing you 3 free minutes of reading and a mobile app that ensures you will get your one-on-one session regardless of the location are great for clients that find it hard to choose a proper psychic. Every practitioner is required to pass a rigorous vetting test and is allowed to join the platform only after they prove their efficiency. If you want to empower your inner mystic and heal emotionally, Everclear is what you need.

Tara Rose
Tara Rose is a top-tier astrology expert who has provided spiritual assistance for many years. She does her readings free of charge, wishing to help others find their life path. Tara Rose specializes in love, career, and potential development. Today, she also works as a spiritual author at Psychic House Of Magic.
  1. Platform convenience is great at Everclear. My aura reading session was seamless and insightful.

  2. I got an energy healing session with a psychic on Everclear, and it was truly transformative! The practitioner’s healing energy left me feeling rejuvenated and balanced. The abundance of positive reviews gave me confidence in choosing a specialist.

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