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Being held back by self-doubts and apathy has a simple cure, and Path Forward psychics know this better than anyone. PathForward psychic professionals can provide you with readings that cover the most hyped topics—love, intimacy, making money, meeting your crush, health, and family. Known in the past as Hollywood Psychics, PathForward got a new identity and went through a rebranding to offer private psychic readings to customers seeking help from tarot readers, mediums, healers, and astrologers.

Path Forward meaning, however, remained the same: a safe place for clients that want complete privacy. You can book a reading from Path Forward psychics at the lowest rate of $0.83 per minute and see what the future holds for you. The PathForward psychics club features a handy filter to choose the most popular psychics and their reading styles, as well as a list of carefully crafted psychic introductions. You can book a live chat or a phone call with PathForward psychics online. You can also schedule an appointment with a specific psychic and take a free horoscope compatibility test for fun.

name: Overview
💲Average cost per minute $1.00-$10.00
📞Types of communicationPhone call
Live chat
🔥 Welcome offerFree 3 minutes for the first reading 
🔮 Types of readingsAstrology
Tarot readings
Love tarot readings
👥 Number of psychics 50+
PathForward Ratings
Simplicity of use
Accuracy of readings
Customer support
Satisfaction Guarantee
Average Score

Path Forward’s main features 

Path Forward Psychics website

PathForward psychics can provide you with a great place for accurate predictions as the platform has a wide range of features benefiting first-time customers:

  • Practical filtering tools. A filter option at PathForward allows customers to get matched with a perfect psychic based on their gifts, subjects, tools, communication, and language.
  • Lucrative welcome offer. If you are new to the site, you can book a reading with the trusted Path Forward psychic for $1 per minute, which includes phone and live chat options.
  • Free daily horoscopes. Customers can calculate possible matches using the compatibility calculator and get their daily dose of accurate horoscope predictions made for every zodiac sign.
  • Spiritual blog articles. You can find PathForward physics sharing knowledge about the divine in the Tea blog, filled with posts on money, love, relationships, self-care, astrology, family, and career.
  • User-friendly reading options. You can either make an appointment with the PathForward psychic or start a phone / live chat if they are ready to connect.
  • List of experienced psychics. Here at PathForward, one can choose psychics according to their communication type (some of the examples include compassionate, easy, expressive, inspirational, and thoughtful).

Types of readings on Path Forward

Some of the most common readings provided by Path Forward psychics include:

As a cherry on top, customers can choose the psychic gift the reader is blessed with (clairvoyant, clairsentient, clairaudient, intuitive, medium) and filter their preferred PathForward psychic by tools they use for a reading (crystals, ancestors, spirit guides, cards, tarot, dreams).

Path Forward—legit or scam?

Having fears before a reading is completely natural. Is psychic source legit? Can I trust Path Forward psychics? PathForward psychics are sourced by the organization called Expert Link, making sure they have reading expertise and are knowledgeable in their sphere (tarot, clairvoyance, mediumship, astrology). Psychic experts are required to adhere to ethical standards and accept constructive feedback. The service expects the psychic specialists to have a CV with their professional qualifications ready.

So, why does PathForward have a smaller number of psychics compared to other online services? The process of becoming a part of the company is not an easy one, with the psychic service accepting only 5% of the candidates. The platform has a 100% satisfaction guarantee, which means you will get another reading if the first one does not meet your expectations. There is no place for a psychic source scam at PathForward, as all psychics are employed independently.

Pros and cons


  • Welcome offer of 3 free minutes for new customers
  • Affordable pricing range starting from $1 per minute
  • Psychic advisors have audio and written introductions
  • Psychics are filtered by tools, specialty, and delivery method
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee for online psychic readings
  • Free horoscope compatibility calculator and a psychic blog


  • The list of psychics is limited compared to other platforms
  • There is no video chat option for online psychic readings

Top Path Forward psychic advisors 

Are you ready to live your best life? If the answer is positive, then we would like to introduce you to a roster of inspirational psychics from PathForward that will coach you through life’s difficulties and help you choose the right course of action. Advisors at PathForward are well aware of the challenges presented by life, so they offer their exclusive services for motivation, inspiration, and divine guidance.

Pricing and discounts

PathForward has a convenient per-minute pricing policy, allowing psychic specialists to establish their prices. The average rate on the platform starts at $1.00 per minute and does not usually exceed $8.00. If you are new to the service, you can get 3 free minutes of reading with the preferred psychic (the welcome offer is valid for customers that purchased a 10-minute reading for $10). 

What makes PathForward psychics a great choice for newcomers is the platform’s range of welcome bonuses and offers, including the monthly Inner Circle subscription program that can be purchased at $24.99 a month. The subscription guarantees getting 10-minute chat and phone readings with the psychics you’ve found through the filtering option. Psychics have the right to change the prices established for online reading. 

Customer experience

The rating system allows customers to publish their Path Forward reviews after the reading is over. Psychics can also leave comments on negative feedback and provide explanations on readings that were rated as unsatisfactory. The platform does not censor negative reviews and gives freedom to psychics to comment on their performance. This shows that PathForward is not curated to wipe out negative feedback. 

Customers point out the convenience of booking a reading at PathForward as they click on the Our Psychics option and are immediately shown which of the specialists are available at the moment. Clients can also make an appointment with the selected psychic by clicking the Appointments option. Another benefit of the platform, according to users, is the ability to leave instant feedback on a particular psychic and a psychic filter tool. 

You can narrow down the list of psychic specialists by choosing their area of expertise and communication style. Some users mentioned the platform’s interactive layout, making it easy to add the preferred psychic advisors to their list of favorites. You can do this by clicking on the heart icon in the top right corner of the psychic’s image. However, there are customers suggesting the online service could use a video chat option for PathForward psychic readings

👍 Advantages of Path Forward according to users:

  • PathForward psychic filter that can help you establish a connection with the psychic that caught your attention
  • The ability to leave immediate feedback after a psychic reading and describe your experience with an advisor
  • Choosing a psychic advisor by communication style if you need someone supportive, expressive, or compassionate for a reading
  • The ability to add the preferred psychics to the list of favorites by clicking on the heart icon in the top-right corner of their image

👎 Disadvantages of Path Forward according to users:

  • You can only interact with Path Forward psychics via live chat or phone, with no video reading options available
  • Some of the psychics cannot be reached immediately, and you need to wait for them to become available

How to use Path Forward website?

To book a reading with one of the best PathForward psychics, you need to follow a series of simple steps intended to make your experience with PathForward a bliss: 

  1. Sign up at PathForward. To get started at PathForward, you need to visit the platform’s main page and find the Sign In button in the top-right corner. By clicking the button, you will be redirected to the sign-in page, where you can enter your email address and password if you already have an account or click the Take the first step button to create an account.
Sign up at PathForward
PathForward Sign up

  1. Fill in the details. After you click the Take the first step button, you will be transferred to the sign-in page, where you will have to select the welcome offer and fill in the form with your first and last name, email address, password, and date of birth. To finish the sign-up process, click Proceed to payment.
PathForward welcome offer
PathForward create account

  1. Find a psychic. At the top of the page, you will see the Our psychics button. As you click it, you are redirected to the list of active psychics. You can sort out the advisors by availability and the preferred communication type. As you click the Filter button, a drop-down menu will appear, where you can choose PathForward psychics by subjects, gifts, tools, communication, and language.
PathForward psychic
  1. Start chatting with an advisor. Before you book a reading, click on the psychic’s bio and listen to the introductory message recorded by the psychic. Available methods of communication are listed in the psychic’s profile. If the psychic advisor is available, you can talk to them by starting a live chat, sending them a direct message, or making a phone call. You can also schedule an appointment with the psychic if they are busy.
PathForward psychics

Path Forward mobile app

Path Forward mobile app


Is Path Forward secure & confidential?

PathForward psychics will never reveal the details of your readings to outsiders, so you can be sure that the online platform is secure and confidential. Advisors entrusted with your secret wishes and plans will respect your privacy as a customer and remain professional in their psychic predictions. 

Does Path Forward have a refund policy?

If you are not pleased with the reading ordered at Path Forward, the service guarantees a 100% satisfaction policy, which means you will be given a free reading for the same amount of time scheduled with another psychic.

How to find my trusted advisor on Path Forward?

To find the psychic advisor that will match your preferences, visit the Our psychics section of the site and study the psychic’s bio before making an appointment. You can sort out the psychics by availability, subjects, gifts, tools, language, and types of communication. 

Does Path Forward have a mobile app?

Path Forward has a mobile app that can be downloaded for Android and iOS users. As you download the app, you can easily get readings from your mobile device and schedule an appointment on the go. 


The benefits setting PathForward apart from other psychic services are a team of gifted psychics that have been carefully selected to deliver accurate predictions and an affordable pricing policy providing free 3-minute readings for new customers. The service has an intuitive app to book readings on the go and allows you to choose the preferred psychic by gifts, tools, language, subjects, and reading styles.

The platform does not shy away from constructive feedback. It ensures you are satisfied with the reading with its refund policy (Peace of Mind Promise), providing you with another reading from a different psychic. Empowering customers to get inspiration from a psychic reading, the service encourages a long-term connection with a chosen specialist. It also provides affordable pricing rates, allowing you to find a psychic that meets your individual standards.

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  1. I recently had a career reading on Path Forward, and it was spot-on! The psychic’s insights into my professional life were incredibly accurate and helpful. I was impressed with the number of proven psychics available. With a sufficient number of positive reviews, I felt confident in the guidance I received.

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