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MeetYourPsyhic Review

In today’s fast-paced world, many people seek guidance and clarity by addressing psychic reading platforms. One such source is MeetYourPsychic.com — a website that provides a network of experienced and compassionate psychics ready to give a lot of insights on your life path.

MeetYourPsychic: Overview
💲Average price per minute $1–$7
📧Means of communicationPhone, chat, message, and text
🔥Special offer for new usersFree 3 minutes + $20/20 min.
🔮Psychics availableOver 300
🏠Established in2009
Get your free 3 minutes and introductory 20 min/$20 package at MeetYourPsychic NOW
MeetYourPsychic Ratings
Simplicity of use
Accuracy of readings
Customer support
Satisfaction Guarantee
Average Score

MeetYourPsyhic’s main features

  • Welcome offer. MeetYourPsychic.com provides a welcome offer of free 3 minutes and an introductory 20 min/$20 package to new users, allowing them to experience the platform’s services at a discounted rate.

  • Multiple communication options. MeetYourPsychic.com offers various communication methods to connect with psychics, catering to individual preferences and convenience. Users can engage in live chat sessions, phone calls, messages, and text readings, allowing flexibility in how they interact with their chosen psychic.

  • Psychic cash rewards. This platform cares about its loyal clients. That’s why every time you add funds to your account to order a session, you receive a Psychic Cash Reward of 3%. This 3% can grow into 4% when you get 50 readings.

  • Availability and accessibility. The website operates 24/7, allowing users to connect with psychics whenever they need guidance or support. This accessibility ensures that individuals can seek assistance at their convenience, regardless of their time zone or schedule.

  • Easy-to-navigate interface. Meet Your Psychic.com features a user-friendly website interface, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free interaction with the platform.

  • Additional services. In addition to its psychic services, MeetYourPsychic.com offers a valuable resource in the form of a psychic blog and free horoscopes. The psychic blog features informative articles covering a wide range of topics on spirituality, while free horoscopes are divided into daily, weekly, or monthly readings based on their zodiac sign.

  • Satisfaction guarantee. MeetYourPsychic.com stands behind the quality of its services, offering a satisfaction guarantee of up to 5 minutes to provide only a positive experience to its psychics.

Types of readings on MeetYourPsyhic

  • Tarot Readings. Tarot readings are a popular choice among users at MeetYourPsychic.com. Expert psychics use tarot cards to gain insights into various aspects of life, including relationships, career, and personal growth.
  • Psychic Medium Readings. Users can seek mediumship readings on MeetYourPsychic.com to connect with loved ones who have passed away, receive closure, or gain spiritual guidance from the other side.
  • Love and Relationship Readings. Experienced psychics can offer insights into romantic relationships, compatibility, soul connections, and advice on navigating love challenges.
  • Career and Finance Readings. Psychics specializing in career and finance readings can provide valuable guidance regarding professional endeavors, job changes, financial decisions, and overall career growth.
  • Life Path Readings. If you need insights into life’s purpose, personal growth, and spiritual development, connect the professional psychics who will help you make meaningful choices.
  • Energy Healing Readings. The psychics will identify blockages, offer energetic clearing, and provide guidance on holistic well-being and spiritual alignment.
  • Astrology Readings. The psychics will interpret birth charts, planetary influences, and transits to offer guidance and predictions based on astrological principles.
  • Numerology Readings. Seek the interpretation of numbers and their significance in your life. You should contact the numerologists!
  • Dream Interpretation. The subconscious thoughts, emotions, and hidden messages will become uncovered with this psychic method.

Besides, the Meet Your Psychic.com platform offers such readings styles:

  • Spiritual
  • Blunt and direct
  • Conversational
  • Compassionate

MeetYourPsyhic — scam or legit?

Is MeetYourPsychic legit? You can make sure of it when you trace the following characteristics:

  • A long-established source with positive reviews. Since 2009, the platform has got a lot of positive testimonials which reflects its credibility.
  • Trusted fortune-tellers. The platform carefully selects and verifies its psychics, ensuring they possess genuine psychic abilities and expertise to maintain a standard of quality and authenticity.
  • Transparent psychic profiles. Meet Your Psychic provides detailed profiles for each psychic, giving users access to information about their background, areas of expertise, and years of experience.
  • Refund guarantee. If a user is not fully satisfied with their reading, MeetYourPsychic.com provides a 5-minute refund.
  • Clear fee ratings. Meet Your Psychic.com maintains a transparent pricing structure, clearly outlining the cost of various services and packages.

Pros and Cons

  • A three-minute free reading
  • A decent selection of psychics with various specialties
  • Multiple communication options: phone readings, chat readings, text, and message readings
  • A clean and intuitive interface, which makes it easy to find the necessary information
  • Diverse services include not only psychic readings but also free psychic blog articles and horoscopes to read.
  • A five-minute refund
  • A Psychic Cash Reward of 3% cashback
  • No video consultations
  • The absence of a mobile application

Top MeetYourPsyhic Advisors

Do you need support in love and relationships, career decisions, spiritual growth, or other aspects of your life’s journey? Then, it’s a true sign for you to approach top-rated psychics at MeetYourPsychic. Each of the best advisors we selected brings their unique expertise and talents. Why not try them?

Pricing and Discounts 


The average price rate of approximately $1–$10. The website mentions an average price range of $1 to $10 for their psychic services. It’s important to note that the exact pricing may vary depending on the chosen psychic and the specific type of service requested. Thus, there are advanced, premium, elite, and master advisors who will have different fees for one-minute consultations.


  • Free 3 minutes + $20/20 min. introductory package. The website offers a free introductory period of 3 minutes, allowing users to get a brief taste of the psychic services. Besides, $20 for a 20-minute introductory package, which lets you save up to 80% on your first reading!
  • Psychic Cash reward. Meet Your Psychics offers a discount program called Psychic Cash reward. With each new reading, users receive a 3% discount. And once you order more than 50 readings, the Psychic Cash discount increases to 4%.

Customer experience

Years of experience: 14 years in the market (since 2009)

Monthly visits: 15.7K

Review rate: 4/5 (glassdoor.ie) 

Advantages of MeetYourPsyhic according to users:

  • Responsive customer support. Clients like the website’s customer support team for being helpful and responsive to their inquiries.
  • Privacy and security measures. The website’s confidentiality policy is one of the top features customers like. This includes secure transactions and the processing of personal data.
  • Money-saving site. The financial part of www.meetyourpsychic.com is good, according to clients. Not only does the platform provide fair pricing, but also offers discounts and a loyalty program.
  • Social-media presence. Many customers find this characteristic very convenient since it lets them analyze the platform and make well-thought decisions about the site. It’s worth saying that Meet Your Psychic.com is present on many social media platforms, like Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, TikTok, and many others.
Meet Your Psychic.com Social media
  • Customer reviews and ratings. MeetYourPsychic.com reviews show that customers like the availability of ratings for each psychic and testimonials help make informed decisions when selecting a psychic. This feature helps users gauge the reputation and credibility of the psychics.
  • It’s a rare thing when spiritual websites warn their clients about not using the site if the customers are in a life-threatening situation like suicide. MeetYourPsychic also provides all necessary contacts in the case of a crisis. Maybe it’s much about psychic services, but still, it shows this company cares about people.
MeetYourPsychic necessary contacts

Disadvantages of MeetYourPsyhic according to users:

  • Limited refund policy. Although it’s a good feature that the website provides refunds, still users have noted that the satisfaction terms are quite restrictive, making it challenging to get refunds.
  • Limited availability of preferred psychics. In some cases, users have mentioned difficulty in securing appointments with their preferred psychics because of their busy schedules or limited availability.

How to use the MeetYourPsyhic website?

  • Click on the “Create My Free Account” button, and fill out the registration form with the required information, including your name, email address, and cell phone.
MeetYourPsyhic create account
MeetYourPsyhic registration form

  • Once you created the account, browse through the available psychics on the website. You can typically use search filters to narrow down your options based on specialties, skills, or other criteria. Click on the profile of the psychic you are interested in to view more details about their services, experience, customer reviews, delivery method, and so on.
MeetYourPsyhic available psychics
  • Provide the necessary payment information, such as credit card details, and confirm the payment to get access to the reading.
  • Enjoy your session!


Is MeetYourPsyhic secure & confidential?

Absolutely! MeetYourPsychic.com ensures a secure and confidential environment, safeguarding user information and maintaining privacy throughout the psychic reading experience.

Does MeetYourPsyhic have a refund policy?

Yes! If you don’t like your first spiritual reading, you can apply for a 5-minute refund.

How to find my trusted advisor on MeetYourPsyhic?

The platform provides the filters to find the perfect match and the specialized lists: “All Psychics”, “New Psychics”, “Most Popular”, “Most Valued Psychics”, and “Psychics Online”. 

Does MeetYourPsyhic have a mobile app?

Unfortunately, www meetyourpsychic com only has a presence on various social media, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and so on.


MeetYourPsychic offers a safe space for approaching psychics and seeking guidance. Besides its user-friendly interface and a variety of advisors and reading types, it has another notable advantage — an introductory offer that includes a free 3-minute session and an affordable $20 package for a 20-minute reading.

If you consider all the pros MeetYourPsychic can offer, don’t you think it’s a good choice for starting a spiritual journey, do you?

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  1. Had a numerology reading at MeetYourPsychic. Impressed by the proven psychics they have. Got real insights into my life. Worth every penny!

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