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If you are feeling a tad nostalgic, choosing a psychic at BitWine would be right up your alley. All BitWine reviews are unanimous in calling it a blast from the past and a walk down memory lane, with its unmistakable 90s-inspired design and lots of flashy ads. Taking a closer look at BitWine psychic service will reveal it suffers from a lack of functionality and an appropriate search tool, but this is quickly overshadowed by the psychic BitWine platform’s no-nonsense attitude and no-frills decor. BitWine famously skips the process of curating its psychics, thus making the customers do their homework without the website’s involvement. 

BitWine psychics apply an ethical approach to users that are visiting the platform on a hunt for a certified expert. The website delivers a unique opportunity of getting to know the best psychics on BitWine in an informal setting as you start exchanging chat messages and receiving enlightening data from the trusted community of dedicated experts. If you land on the psychic BitWine page for the first time, you are practically blown away by the number of people working for the community—over 3,000. Psychicbitwine.com is an assembly of gifted professionals from around the world, including medium psychics, tarot readers, astrologers, healers, occult practitioners, and parapsychologists. With the first 3 minutes of reading delivered for free, BitWine becomes a sanctuary for anyone looking for psychic advice.

BitWine: Overview
💲Average cost per minute $0.50-$3.00
📞Types of communicationPhone 
🔥 Welcome offerFree 3 minutes for the first reading 
👥 Number of psychics 3,000+
🔮Reading typesAstrology
Love guidance 
New Age
Psychic medium & healing 
Spiritual coaching
BitWine Ratings
Simplicity of use
Accuracy of readings
Customer support
Satisfaction Guarantee
Average Score

BitWine’s main features

Bitwine Psychics Website

  • The first 3 minutes of reading with BitWine psychics are free, with most readings having an average rate of $0.50-$3.00 per minute
  • No fixated rate is established for psychic communication methods, as customers negotiate the best possible deal with an individual psychic
  • The platform presents an unusual range of psychic readings, including rare disciplines like New Age (spirit guides and angels) and the Occult
  • Customers are not required to come up with a BitWine login to start a direct chat with the selected psychic
  • Refund options remain the psychic’s prerogative, which means that the reimbursement process is not regulated by the website
  • Communication methods can be selected at the discretion of the psychic, with phone and chat options available

Types of readings on BitWine Psychics

BitWine is an online psychic network that promotes a non-standard approach. A variety of BitWine psychic reviews mention an extraordinary list of reading topics that have no rivals among the industry leaders in the psychic community. We guarantee that some of these titles will come as a huge surprise for those who are ready to join the BitWine psychic community:

If you want an online psychic BitWine session that provides spiritual guidance and emotional healing, psychic advisors that work with prayers and meditations should be the right choice. Apart from that, you will find practitioners that work with the Occult, which appears to be a generalized term for a variety of psychic disciplines. The most popular readings delivered without having to use the BitWine login include love guidance readings.

BitWine—legit or scam?

Does the BitWine network have any red flags that the customers need to know about? This BitWine review guarantees that no stone will be left unturned. We appreciate the attitude of the network towards independent psychics allowing them to work as contractors. This removes their dependent status and promotes a more creative approach to customer / reader interactions. 

Any reader that is accepted by the service needs to fill out the application form and undergo the rigorous vetting process established by the company. Despite BitWine’s discreet policy related to application questions and the process of psychic screening, any practitioner wishing to join the platform has to abide by the Code of Conduct, which makes BitWine a successful mediator between psychic guides and those who are seeking reliable services. Before readers enter a personalized session with the selected psychic, they have to do their research, as the service is not responsible for any transactions, financial or otherwise, between parties. Given that BitWine is more of a facilitator for finding a perfect psychic rather than a psychic platform in the traditional sense of the word, you have to take the entire preparation process seriously. 

Pros and cons


  • Rates for psychic advisors are not fixed
  • Unusual reading types promoted by psychics
  • A huge number of psychic practitioners to choose from
  • Mixed customer feedback is never removed from the service
  • Detailed, informative psychic profiles
  • Responsive customer support


  • BitWine’s design needs improvement
  • A great number of psychics can be confusing

Top BitWine psychic advisors

Any BitWine psychics review that you can come across will affirm the same ethical principles and codes that BitWine psychics need to follow. This makes us believe that choosing the right advisor for an accurate, detailed reading should not be a problem. After you’ve conducted research on whether the psychic matches your criteria, you will be allowed to connect with the preferred specialist on your terms. Here, you will see the top psychics that can help you gain insight into personal matters.  

Pricing and discounts

Once the process of finding a psychic at BitWine is complete, the users are welcome to start direct communication with the spiritual advisor as they negotiate the best possible rate. Since the pricing structure at BitWine online psychic network can fluctuate between rates chosen by independent contractors, you can find psychics that charge $0.99-$3.00 per minute. The average pricing plan at BitWine ranges from $0.49 to $10 per minute. If you are certain in your choice of a psychic guide, you will receive a welcome offer of 3 free minutes for the first reading. When browsing the platform, you will notice that most BitWine advisors have their rates posted on a bio page. If two parties initiate a chat, they can reach certain agreements on the fixed price of the psychic exchange. BitWine policies suggest that the agency is not responsible for the transactions performed on the platform.

Customer experience

The overall customer experience at BitWine falls on the positive end of the spectrum, with clients putting emphasis on the platform’s simple, minimalistic design with no frills, decor, or distractions. Since there are no fixed costs at BitWine, users have the freedom to negotiate the price with an advisor, which is another positive aspect when talking about the online psychic network. Most BitWine reviews written by returning customers suggest that the website’s biggest strength lies in the diversity of readings and the empathetic nature of psychics promoting their services. The only downside pointed out by BitWine users is the inability to access the service via a BitWine app to make the process of ordering readings from your favorite psychic a breeze.

✅ Advantages of BitWine according to users:

  • Flexibility of online prices that depend on the psychic’s established rate 
  • An impressive number of reading types that stand out from the crowd
  • Psychics from all walks of life with detailed bios and informative profiles
  • The website’s unusual design sending us back to the nostalgic 90s

❌ Disadvantages of BitWine according to users:

  • No BitWine app to order readings regardless of your current location
  • The layout of the BitWine site can complicate the navigation process

How to use BitWine website?

  1. Because of the platform’s design compared to other psychic sites, it can be a little hard to navigate, especially if you are new to the service. Clicking on the Browse Categories in the top right corner of the page will help you get started.
BitWine Browse Categories
  1. You will be redirected to the page that contains different types of readings. You can either click on specific readings provided by the psychics or choose the All Advisors option if you are not sure what it is that you want.
BitWine choose a specific readings
  1. Here, you will see the list of top BitWine psychics, which is a great option for users that are full of self-doubt and wish to study the psychics’ profiles before they make an informed decision.
list of top BitWine psychics
  1. To start chatting with the psychic, click on their profile and see if they are available. The left side of the page is dedicated to the psychic’s personal journey, rates per minute, and area of specialization. You can take your time analyzing their bio before moving on to the next step.
BitWine start chatting with the psychic
  1. The good news is, you don’t have to create an account to become a regular user. Once you find a practitioner whose values resonate with yours, you can easily start chatting by sending them a message in the chat window. If they are online, you will get an instant reply and negotiate the cost of your reading once you’ve used your 3 free minutes.
BitWine free minutes


Is BitWine Psychics secure & confidential?

Before customers decide to use BitWine as a psychic platform, they need to keep in mind that it acts as an intermediary between users and readers and does not take responsibility for any exchanges between parties. The security of your online reading will largely depend on the psychic’s discretion and code of ethics.

Does BitWine psychics have a refund policy?

Unlike most conservative psychic agencies, BitWine does not have an established refund policy. No refund policy means the platform only acts as a mediator between customers and those seeking psychic advice. Therefore, users and readers can reach agreements independently from the platform. 

How to find my trusted advisor on BitWine?

If you already know the psychic guide you need to speak to, simply put the name of the advisor in a search box at the top of the page. If you are still on the lookout for the perfect psychic match, a great starting point would be scrolling through the list of psychics or looking for the Top Advisor bar on the expert’s profile to narrow down the search.

Does BitWine have a mobile app?

Once you land on the BitWine page, you will see that the platform is a heavy proponent of the 90s genre, with flashy ads and links you can follow. In the true fashion of the past, the platform does not have a mobile app that users can download.


BitWine is often referred to as one of the most unconventional psychic platforms that exist online. It completely disregards the policy of heavy investment in the psychic’s 5-star rating system that can be found on traditional websites while focusing its effort on the direct exchange between a psychic and a customer.

Here, you will be given complete freedom to choose the spiritual advisor and negotiate the price that you are willing to pay for professional advice. Customers are no longer relying on the platform to make decisions—they browse the psychics’ pages to weed out the shady ones and cooperate with the best. Despite having a minimalistic design, BitWine manages to remain functional without overdoing it with special offers and promotions. 3 free minutes with any psychic is another reason staying with BitWine will pay off completely.

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  1. I recently had an energy healing session on bitwine, and it was an incredibly powerful experience. The platform is convenient, prices are fair, and I was impressed by the number of positive reviews. I felt a true connection with the healer, who seemed to understand my energy and guided me through a transformative process. It’s rare to find a service that offers such a broad range of psychic services with proven professionals. Their approach to spiritual mentoring and mediums is something that has given me a whole new perspective. I’ll be returning for sure!

  2. Had a wonderful experience with the tarot reading on bitwine. Their proven psychics provided insights that were eye-opening for me. Highly recommend!

  3. I got a palm reading on Bitwine Psychics, and it was truly insightful! The psychic interpreted my palms accurately and provided valuable guidance. The experience was enlightening and left me with a deeper understanding of myself.

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