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The Psychic Source spiritual company has been around for 30 years. This classic psychic website impresses clients with a collection of prominent features, such as the availability of phone, chat, and video readings, responsive customer support, satisfaction guarantee, and, most important — generous introductory offer for new customers. What else is good about the company?  Read this Psychic Source review.

Psychic Source: Overview
🔮 Psychics available~300
📧 Communication methodsChat, phone, and video
📖 Number of reading types~20
🔥 Special dealIntroductory packages: 30 min/$30, 20 min/$20, 10 min/$10 + three free minutes
📱 Mobile applicationAvailable for iOS and Android
Psychic Source Ratings
Simplicity of use
Accuracy of readings
Customer support
Satisfaction Guarantee
Average Score

Psychic Source’s main features

Psychic Source Review

The major characteristics of this platform are the following:

  • Special deal. As a newcomer, you can receive a 30 min/$30, 20 min/$20, or 10 min/$10 introduction package and three free minutes for your first session.
  • Mobile app. Psychic Source has its app available to download for iOS and Android.
  • Free perks. Read articles, media posts, and horoscopes without any payment.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee. Get your 20 minutes of the time back in case you are not satisfied with your last consultation.
  • Find a Psychic tool. There are advanced filters for a quick expert search.
  • 24/7 support. Psychic Source customer service is available all the time to help you with your issues.

Types of readings on Psychic Source

When you look through the filter engine on a Psychic Source website, you will find many types of readings available.

First of all, the platform provides chat, phone, and video readings for spiritual consultations. However, some psychics at the site may not give video sessions.

Secondly, there are such specialties on the site:

You can also encounter spiritual advisors who have mastered their skills in such divination tools:

One more perk! You can also find psychics who provide the information in such reading styles:

  • Compassionate
  • Direct
  • Expressive
  • Thoughtful
  • Wise

Psychic Source — legit or scam?

The best way to avoid fraudulent psychics is to check Psychic Source reviews. We applied the same rule to this platform and found that Psychic Source reviews were pretty good! Many people write that psychics on this spiritual website are gifted and manage to provide accurate readings.

Psychic Source user reviews
Psychic Source user review
Psychic Source users review

In addition, you can also check the reviews and star rate on a particular psychic in their profile. 

Psychic Source review on a psychic
Psychic Source star rate on a psychic

When you check the experts on the Psychic Source, you will notice that many of them have top scores.

check the experts on the Psychic Source

Pros and Cons

  • Generous introductory deal for new customers: 30 min/$30, 20 min/$20, 10 min/$10 + three free minutes.
  • User-Friendly “Find a psychic” engine where you can mention the type of communication, specialty, subject, tools, and reading style you wish to see in your perfect expert.
  • A variety of communication styles: chat, call, and video.
  • Free to read articles, media, and horoscopes.
  • The function of making appointments with favorite psychics and seeing their schedules.
  • A “Listen to message” function under each psychic’s profile to hear the basic info about the expert.
  • The website is available in English and Spanish.
  • A satisfaction guarantee of 20 minutes back. 
  • A “Favorite Advisors” button to store all psychics you like on your account page. 
  • 24/7 customer care center
  • A mobile application to download in a Play Market or App Store
  • No email consultations
  • Special deals are available only for new clients

Top Psychic Source Advisors

How to discover the best consultants on Psychic Source if there are no such filter options in a “Find a Psychic” tool? The best tip is to analyze the reviews and star rates of experts, along with the techniques they possess. Also, you can choose the advisor from the list of top Psychic Source psychics we generated.


Psychic Therese Psychic Source

The Psychic Source Therese advisor is an excellent option for those seeking tarot assistance in love, career, and destiny-related topics. Therese has 29 years of experience in tarot readings as well as a master’s degree in psychology, which enhances her intuitive skills. Try this psychic if you want to plan a new life course.


Psychic Bridgette Psychic Source

The clairvoyant Bridgette will provide accurate money & love advice for the lowest price! The Psychic Source Bridgette expert has been in the field for over 35 years and organized thousands of consultations. Don’t hesitate and approach Bridgette for quality prediction!


Psychic Seraphina Psychic Source

If you need an affordable tarot reading or Reiki healing consultation, address the Psychic Source Seraphina. She provides thoughtful lessons on love, career, family, and grieving topics. Seraphina will help you overcome blocks and clear your aura via call, chat, and video consultation. Approach this experienced psychic to achieve the beauty of your soul.


Psychic Ricky Psychic Source

The Psychic Source Ricky advisor has enhanced intuitive abilities, which allow him to provide clear and accurate call divinations. For over 35 years of experience, Ricky has mastered his skills in readings on love, pets, career, and mediumship. Open the spiritual world with this expert to take the first steps to life transformation!


Psychic Lily Psychic Source

Lily is one of the most experienced numerologists on the platform who can help with love, career, and destiny issues. Moreover, the Psychic Source Lily expert has a 17-year experience in energy healing, mediumship, pet psychic, and empathic readings, which will also help you find your path to happiness.

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Pricing and Discounts

Regular members usually pay $5–$9 for a one-minute session with the Psychic Source advisors. The price for a session doesn’t depend on the communication method. However, it’s worth saying that not all psychics can offer phone or video consultations.

Is Psychic Source real? Definitely, because it offers a tempting introductory deal for newbies. Once you are ready to order a consultation with the advisor, you can get a special deal — selecting one of the discount packages — 30 min/$30, 20 min/$20, or 10 min/$10. Besides, you receive three free minutes for your first spiritual experience with a Psychic Source platform.

The site also lets you enter promo codes to get a discount for your first session.

Customer experience

Founded in 1989, this verified company has helped thousands of people. According to Similarweb, Psychic Source had 431.8K visitors last month. It proves that the platform is widely spread in a spiritual community. 

Customers also put high rates on Psychic Source advisors. Thus, the great majority of psychics’ profiles have a 4-5-star score for their services.

Psychic Source advisors
Psychic Source advisors

Advantages of Psychic Source according to users:

The Psychic Source company possesses several notable features which many clients find extremely helpful and good: 

  • You can listen to Psychics’ messages they leave on their profiles. Advisors introduce themselves and briefly describe their abilities. It also helps customers analyze whether the vibrations they feel in the expert’s voice resonate with their energy currents. 
  • You can make an appointment for your reading by checking the schedule of your potential psychic. Such a function is rarely seen on other spiritual websites. 
  • You can use the company’s services via phone by exploiting the free mobile app.

The Psychic Source customers also like that the platform provides a broad spectrum of communication means: chat, phone, and video. Besides, many users appreciate the availability of free horoscopes and articles.

Disadvantages of Psychic Source according to users

Unfortunately, the Psychic Source reviews also point out that the website has several disadvantages. Thus, some customers are disappointed with the absence of email readings which are not the hardest to provide, unlike video and phone sessions. 

Besides, clients dislike that free minutes are available for newcomers only, while regular members don’t receive such perks.

How to use the Psychic Source website?

  1. First things first: you have to create an account at the Psychic Source spiritual website. You will find the login form at the top right of the introductory page. Click here and follow the “Create an account” button.
Psychic Source Create an account
  1. Then, you will have to select one of the offers: 30 min/$30, 20 min/$20, or 10 min/$10 packages are available to purchase for new clients. You can also enter a promo code if you have such.
Psychic Source select one of the offers

  1. Next, you should fill out the registration form by mentioning small details about yourself: first and last name, email address, password, and date of birth. 
Psychic Source fill out the registration form
  1. After this, you have to proceed with payment to purchase the introductory discount package you choose. The website suggests several ways to pay: via PayPal or Credit/debit card. In the last case, you will have to enter your billing details: name, card number, expiration date, security code, street address, city, postal code, country, state, and phone. You don’t have to worry about information leakage: The Psychic Source has SSL encryption.
Psychic Source proceed with payment to purchase the introductory discount package you choose

  1. Then, you have to select a psychic. For a quick and convenient expert search, you can use the “Find a Psychic” tool, which you will see on your left. This filter engine allows you to enter such requirements as a type of communication, specialty, subject, tools, and reading style.
Psychic Source select a psychic
  1. Next, you can approach an available psychic or make an appointment. You will see the schedule of a chosen expert at your right, including the type of communication methods.
Psychic Source approach an available psychic
  1. Once you finish the consultation, you can leave a review about your experience with a chosen advisor. If your first session is disappointing, you can ask for a refund, equal to up to 20-minute time-back.

Psychic Source app

Psychic Source app

The Psychic Source is a mobile-friendly company, which has a website customized for mobile devices and a mobile app available on Play Market. Thus, the Psychic Source app has over 10,000 downloads and 4/5-star feedback from clients.

Both the website and Psychic Source mobile application let you quickly contact the company’s advisors who specialize in such psychic fields as tarot, astrology, clairvoyance, and so on. 

This spiritual company also offers three free minutes for testing its services. You can receive this introductory deal both through a Psychic Source mobile app and the website. Moreover, both website and application allow you to enjoy a discount as a newbie: a 30-minute/ $30 package is an excellent offer for those who want to make sure the platform is trusted. 

Unfortunately, the Psychic Source website is the only alternative for iOS users because the company doesn’t provide an application on the App Store.


Is Psychic Source secure & confidential?

The Psychic Source company cares about its clients and uses advanced security software to protect your info, including banking details, from leakage. Thus, it has a DigiCert EV SSL Certificate.

Does Psychic Source have a refund policy?

The psychic source spiritual platform provides a no-risk guarantee, giving up to 20 minutes of time-back refund to compensate for your last reading session. However, it refuses any credit refund request.

How to find my trusted advisor on Psychic Source?

To select the most suitable psychic on the platform, you should better exploit the “Find a Psychic” search engine. This tool allows you to mention such criteria: type of communication, specialty, subject, tools, and reading style.

Does Psychic Source have a mobile app?

Yes, Psychic Source is a mobile-friendly company that launched a mobile application available in Play Market and App Store.


A psychic source is definitely a spiritual website to consider when you seek psychic reading assistance. Not only does it have great features, such as a variety of reading types, experts, communication ways, advanced filters, and generous introductory offers, but it also proves its trustworthiness by providing data protection, satisfaction guarantee, and ensuring the screening process of all psychics they accept to their team. 

  1. I got a fertility reading on Psychic Source, and it was an incredible experience! The psychic’s accuracy and deep understanding of my expectations brought clarity and reassurance. The platform’s convenience made it easy to connect with a proven psychic. With a sufficient number of positive reviews, I felt confident in choosing reader. Highly recommended for expectant moms!

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