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Psychic Sofa Review

The verified Sofa Psychic spiritual company with 25 years of experience has become one of the best sites to choose for psychic sessions. 24/7 services, a variety of experts and reading types, free articles, and special deals are waiting for you on this platform.

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Sofa Psychic: Overview
🔮 Psychics available500+
📧 Communication methodsText, email, and phone
📖 Number of reading types~ 20
🔥 Special deal10% minutes free for each bundle of minutes
📱 Mobile applicationAvailable for iOS and Android
Psychic Sofa Ratings
Simplicity of use
Accuracy of readings
Customer support
Satisfaction Guarantee
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Psychic Sofa’s main features

Psychic Sofa Review

The Psychic Sofa website can offer an abundance of unique perks which every user can enjoy.

  • Different communication methods. You can approach Psychic Sofa readers via text, email, and phone.
  • Prepaid Wallet Bundle special deal. This wallet system lets you buy session minutes in advance and get 10% minutes free for each new set.
  • Same ratings. The price rate is the same for all psychics.
  • Refunds. You can claim a 5-minute refund if you fail to connect your first reader.
  • Free articles and horoscopes to read.
  • “Like” button. Store your favorite psychics in your profile.

Types of readings on Psychic Sofa

Sofa Psychic experts offer a variety of options for your spiritual experience. First of all, the platform’s advisors conduct consultations in various ways: you can choose from text, email, and phone options to have a session.

Secondly, the number of reading types at Psychic Sofa is impressive. Thus, the experts specialize in the following divinations:

Psychic Sofa — legit or scam?

How to know whether this spiritual platform is trustworthy? There are various features that point to the reliability of the Psychic Sofa limited website.

First of all, the testimonials of Psychic Sofa on TrustPilot — the reviewing website — show that this company can provide exceptional customer service. Thus, it has an excellent success score — 4.7 out of 5 stars.

the testimonials of Psychic Sofa on TrustPilot

The second feature of Psychic Sofa readings is that the company guarantees money back on credit card calls. How to get the refund? After five minutes of a consultation, you should end the call and contact the support center within the following 48 hours. To get compensation, you need to provide the following information: time, date, reader’s name, the mobile number you used for a consultation, and the reason for your dissatisfaction.

In addition, Psychic Sofa limited states they protect the personal details of its clients without sharing them with third parties. The only exception is that they provide your banking data to payment processors such as Visa and MasterCard, through which customers pay for spiritual consultations.

The Psychic Sofa limited company also thoroughly vets potential readers by testing their abilities to ensure quality services.

Besides, this psychic reading source has 24/7 available spiritual experts and responsive Support Team agents ready to answer all your questions.

Pros and Cons

  • 25 years of experience
    Special deal with 10% minutes free for each new consultation
    Mobile app for iOS and Android
    A variety of advisors and divination types
    Free Psychic Sofa horoscope and articles
    Text, email, and phone communication options
    Responsive Customer Support
    Privacy protection
    The screening process for potential readers
    Refund guarantee
    Available pricing
  • Not very professional filters
  • Customer support works only from 9 am to 6 pm, Monday to Friday (GMT).
  • No video consultations
  • Hard to find payment terms

Top Sofa Psychic Advisors

Although the Psychic Sofa website doesn’t have a Top Master list to find the most skilled experts quickly, it shows the number of testimonials each psychic has. Thus, we analyzed the profiles of available advisors and selected those who guarantee the best experience.

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Ruby psychic psychic sofa

Ruby is one of the best psychic sofa readers who provide assistance in love-related topics. Ruby possesses great skills in clairvoyance group divination types. Also, she can help you find harmony through her mediumship and crystallomancy abilities.


Suzy psychic psychic sofa

This top expert can help you find clarity and empower you to achieve new goals. Suzy will use her tarot knowledge, clairvoyance & mediumship skills to reach spirits that will guide you on your love and career topics. If you want to have good fortune — make an appointment with this reader!


Tess psychic psychic sofa

If you seek hope and compassion, address one of Psychic Sofa best readers — Tess. This lady has over 20 years of experience in tarot and seven years of practicing oracle spiritual reading. Tess is understanding and not judgmental and will help you find a pathway to a future, especially on the topic of relationships.


Simon psychic psychic sofa

This extraordinary psychic, having a diploma as a hypnotherapist specializing in past life regression and childhood memories, is one of the best available advisors on the platform. Simon will open the pictures of your previous life with his clairvoyance, mediumship, and cartomancy skills.


Maryanne psychic psychic sofa

Maryanne will give insights into your problems and help build a more positive future by exploiting her psychic and tarot skills. This inherited reader is a sensitive person who will provide not only advice on various topics but also a listening ear to those in grief.

Pricing and Discounts

Psychic Sofa offers different fees for different communication ways.

Email consultations:

  • One-email reading — £15
  • Two Email Readings — £14 each
  • Three Email Readings — £13 each

Text readings:

Each SMS reply from your Psychic Sofa costs £1.50, while one question allows two responses.

Phone readings:

Phone readings have such fees: £16.80 for 20 min., £24.60 for 30 min., and £48.00 for 60 min., including vat. 

Now, let’s talk about special deals available at the Psychic Sofa reading platform. The source doesn’t state it provides any introductory free minutes for its new members. However, the website has a unique feature — a wallet system. It means you can store the bundle of minutes you buy for your consultations there, and with each new bundle, you get additional free 10% minutes.

What wallet bundles are available to buy? Here is the list:

  • 120 minutes — £96 (approx. $130) + 12 free minutes
  • 180 minutes — £144 (approx. $195) + 18 free minutes
  • 240 minutes — £192 (approx. $260) + 24 free minutes
  • 300 minutes — £240 (approx. $325) + 30 free minutes
  • 360 minutes — £288 (approx. $390) + 36 free minutes
  • 480 minutes — £384 (approx. $520) + 48 free minutes

To purchase these packages, you need to register on the platform first.

Customer experience

This resource, with 25 years of experience, has had 233.1K visits for the last month, according to SimilarWeb. It proves that the company is widely used and can be rated as a reliable source. 

The Psychic Sofa reviews on TrustPilot prove this point — 4.7/5 stars based on 342 testimonials showing that the platform’s advisors are highly skilled. As the website states, potential Psychic Sofa readers pass a vigorous test process to be able to join the team of Psychic Sofa experts.

Advantages of Psychic Sofa according to users:

Customers often write they like such features as the Psychic Sofa: 

  • Affordable pricing
  •  Reliability
  •  Accuracy 
  •  A variety of psychics and methods
  •  Easy-to-navigate website 
  •  Responsive customer support
Advantages of Psychic Sofa according to users

Disadvantages of Psychic Sofa according to users:

  • A lot of psychics are often busy 
  • Not the best audio quality
Disadvantages of Psychic Sofa according to users

How to use the Psychic Sofa website?

How to use the Psychic Sofa website so you can take advantage of all its features? Well, firstly, you need to register on this platform. 

  1. Click on the Register button you will see at the top right. 
Psychic Sofa click on the register button

        2. Then, you need to fill out the sign-up form. You have to mention your first and last name, telephone number, email address, password, and date of birth. Keep in mind that you need to be over 18 years old to have access to the Psychic Sofa network. Also, you can register on the platform by entering your social media account.

fill out the sign-up form

3. Once you register, you will see the information about your Psychic Sofa horoscope, wallet, and Favorite advisors.

see the information about your Psychic Sofa horoscope, wallet, and Favorite advisors

4. If you click “My wallet”, you will see that the platform suggests creating a new wallet account where you can buy minutes for consultations or link existing wallet you have used on your phone. 

Psychic Sofa my wallet

Now, let’s order a psychic. 

The first thing to mention is that you can “like” psychics’ profiles and store them in the Favorite Advisors list in your account. Just tap the heart near an expert’s photo. 

Psychic Sofa order a psychic

Or you can click the ring button to get a text notification when your chosen psychic is available. 

If you want to approach an advisor right away, click the “Call Now” button, and you will see several options to connect them and the payment conditions: via landline, by card, and via wallet bundles. 

Psychic Sofa Call Now
Psychic Sofa payment conditions

You will see the page with the suggested wallet bundles to purchase if you select wallet bundles. If you don’t have a wallet, you can create one by filling out the short form:

Psychic Sofa create a wallet

Once you finish with purchasing, your psychic will contact you!

Psychic Sofa mobile app

Psychic Sofa mobile app

Psychic Sofa spiritual company has a highly-rated mobile app, too: 500+ downloads and 4.6/5 stars show that it’s quite a popular and pleasant-to-use application. 

A Psychic Sofa mobile app is as simple as the website which has a straightforward layout, ensuring easy and fast connection with the platform’s advisors. 

The same user features are both available on the Psychic Sofa application and the site. Thus, both offer free horoscopes with daily insights about zodiac signs; if you decide to order a session on a Psychic Sofa app or the website, you can combine the horoscopes’ details with the prediction from your spiritual advisor. 

You can also access a blog section through a website and app to learn more about spiritual topics. 

That’s why it’s worth trying Psychic Sofa to gain a better understanding of your past and future and see the course of your present. 

P.S. Psychic Sofa provides applications for iOS and Android users, so you don’t have to worry about limited access to your device.


Is Psychic Sofa secure & confidential?

Yes! This platform states that it doesn’t share or sell the private details of its customers to any third parties.

Does Psychic Sofa have a refund policy?

Yes! You can apply for a five-minute refund after your first unsuccessful psychic reading experience. You have to claim compensation within 48 hours after the failed session.

How to find my trusted advisor on Psychic Sofa?

The company claims it thoroughly tests its potential psychics, so you rest assured — all Psychic Sofa readers there are reputable. You should better focus on the reading methods you prefer to see in your future advisor.

Does Psychic Sofa have a mobile app?

Yes, it has! Moreover, the Psychic Sofa mobile application is available for iOS and Android to download free of charge.


The unique Psychic Sofa website is one of the best spiritual platforms in the UK. It guarantees an exceptional user experience providing fair session fees, skilled experts, free perks, such as articles and horoscopes, and special deals. You will also be impressed by the responsiveness of a customer support team and the availability of spiritual advisors. These features are not the only ones that give a Psychic Sofa source the highest scores. There are plenty of them, which you can discover by joining the website.

  1. I tried the aura reading; it was interesting but nothing extraordinary. The site’s fine, found it easy to navigate, but wished there were more reviews to choose from.

  2. I had a career tarot reading with Psychic Sofa and it was spot-on! The psychic provided detailed insights and practical advice that helped me make important career decisions. Highly recommended for career guidance!

  3. My love tarot reading exceeded my expectations. The psychic was empathetic, accurate, and provided guidance that resonated deeply with my love life. Thanks for the wonderful reading!

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