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PsychicVOP Review

In the realm of psychic readings, PsychicVOP shows itself as a captivating spiritual platform with a nice selection of services. People seeking insight and clarity will enjoy a user-friendly interface, experienced advisors, a secure environment, and many other features available at this source.

PsychicVOP: Overview
💲Average price per minute $2–$7
📧Means of communicationVideo, phone, and chat
🔥Special offer for new usersFree 3 minutes
🔮Psychics availableOver 300
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PsychicVOP Ratings
Simplicity of use
Accuracy of readings
Customer support
Satisfaction Guarantee
Average Score

PsychicVOP’s main features

  • Introductory minutes. The platform provides three free minutes to its new members.
  • Wide Range of Psychic Readings. PsychicVOP offers a diverse selection of readings.
  • User-Friendly Interface. PsychicVOP features make it easy for visitors to navigate the website and access the desired services.
  • Secure and Confidential. Psychic VOP ensures a safe environment for individuals seeking guidance and support.
  • Customer Reviews and Ratings. The website features customer reviews and ratings for each psychic, providing insights into the experiences of previous users. Besides, each psychic profile contains a bio that helps you learn more about potential readers.
  • Affordable Pricing. Users can choose from different pricing options based on their budget and the duration of the reading.

Types of readings on PsychicVOP

  • Tarot Readings. PsychicVOP offers tarot readings, which involve the use of tarot cards to gain insights and guidance on various aspects of life such as relationships, career, and personal growth.
  • Love and Relationship Readings. PsychicVOP specializes in love and relationship readings, helping individuals gain clarity and understanding about their romantic relationships, compatibility, and prospects.
  • Astrology Readings. The site provides astrology readings — a type of divination tool that utilizes astrological charts and birth information to provide insights into personality traits, life events, and compatibility with others.
  • Spiritual Readings. PsychicVOP offers mediumship readings, connecting individuals with their departed loved ones. These consultations offer comfort, closure, and messages from the spirit realm.
  • Dream Interpretation. If you’re looking for assistance in understanding the meaning behind your dreams, PsychicVOP will provide dream interpretation, helping you unravel the symbolism and messages within your dreams.

In addition, you can find advisors who specialize in:

PsychicVOP — scam or legit?

Many features indicate that this company is trustworthy. Do you want to learn what these characteristics are? Then, keep reading the PsychicVop review!

  • Established Reputation. Psychic VOP has a track record of providing services to a wide range of clients, which proves the website’s legitimacy.
  • Verified and Experienced Psychics. The website ensures the legitimacy of its experts by verifying their skills and experience.
  • Transparent Pricing. PsychicVOP offers transparent pricing for its services, clearly listing the rates of different types of readings, delivery methods, and durations. This transparency shows a commitment to being a fair and honest business, distinguishing it from potential scams that may have hidden costs or unclear fee structures.
  • Secure Payment Processing. The website utilizes secure payment processing methods, like PayPal, to protect users’ financial information during transactions.
  • Privacy and Confidentiality. PsychicVOP emphasizes the importance of privacy and confidentiality. They try to protect users’ personal information and ensure that readings remain confidential.
  • Customer Support. PsychicVOP offers reliable customer support, assisting users with any inquiries or concerns they may have.

However, some characteristics of this website are a bit suspicious:

  • No mention of a satisfaction guarantee. Usually, decent sources clearly state whether they refund clients in case of unsatisfactory readings. At PsychicVOP, there is no such information.

 Pros and Cons

  • A generous introductory offer with three free minutes
  • A vast number of psychic readings
  • Available pricing rates which meet the needs and interests of all types of budgets
  • The intuitive design allows one to explore types of readings, browse psychic profiles, and find other necessary conveniently
  • The website employs measures to protect personal information and ensures that readings are kept confidential
  • The platform lets you download and delete chats with advisors
  • Psychic VOP has a social media presence on Facebook and Instagram
  • One of the few sources which let you easily unsubscribe from the platform
  • Many advisors provide only chat consultations
  • There is no mobile app for the source
  • PsychicVOP doesn’t state it provides refunds

Top PsychicVOP Advisors

Looking for the most reputable advisors on PsychicVOP? We have selected the top-rated psychics who have earned a reputation for their accuracy, insightful guidance, and professionalism. The best PsychicVOP experts will help you find clarity in matters of love, career, spirituality, and other life spheres you wish to improve. Check the table and find the perfect match for you! 

Pricing and Discounts


PsychicVOP offers a transparent and competitive pricing structure for its psychic consultations, although the exact pricing may vary depending on the specific expert and type of reading chosen.

Generally, fortune-tellers ask $2–$7 fee for a one-minute conversation. However, the cost can also depend on the experience of the psychic and the complexity of the topic and tools exploited, as well as the delivery method you choose.

On the PsychicVOP website, you can find the pricing details for each psychic listed in their profile.


PsychicVOP offers discounts to make its services more accessible to users. Thus, newbies get a chance to enjoy three free minutes with any advisor.

Besides, these discounts may include seasonal promotions or limited-time deals. Keep an eye out for any ongoing promotions or discounts advertised on the website!

Customer experience

The customer experience on the PsychicVOP platform encompasses various aspects, including ease of use, customer support, satisfaction with readings, and overall impressions. Wish to learn what clients think about the platform? Info below.

Advantages of PsychicVOP according to users:

  1. Positive User Reviews. PsychicVop reviews show that users mostly have positive experiences using this platform, often referencing the helpfulness, professionalism, and compassion of the advisors. The presence of genuine and positive testimonials adds to the overall credibility and trustworthiness of the platform.
  2. Responsive Customer Support. Is PsychicVOP legit? You can make sure of it by checking the customer support team, which provides quick assistance with inquiries, clarifications, and any issues with the booking or reading process.
  3. Booking Process. Users typically find the booking process on PsychicVOP to be straightforward. You can easily select a psychic, choose the preferred type and duration of the reading, and schedule a session. The platform often provides clear instructions and guidance throughout the booking process.

Disadvantages of PsychicVOP according to users:

  1. Varying Psychic Abilities. In some Psychic Vop reviews, users note that the psychic abilities and accuracy can vary among different advisors on the platform. While many customers have positive experiences, there are occasional reports of unsatisfactory readings or advisors who did not meet expectations.
  2. Cost Considerations. The pricing of readings on PsychicVOP, while transparent and affordable, can be a factor for some users. Psychic services are often considered an investment, and individuals with tighter budgets may find the rates to be on the higher side.
  3. Availability of Preferred Psychics. While PsychicVOP has a roster of talented psychics, it’s not always possible to contact the chosen psychic right away due to availability constraints.

How to use the PsychicVOP website?

First of all, you need to register on the site:

  • On the PsychicVOP homepage, click the “Sign Up” button at the top right corner of the website.
  • Provide some information such as your screen name (aka pseudonym), email address, and password.
PsychicVOP sign up

P.S. Don’t forget to review the terms of service, and if you agree, proceed to complete the registration. It’s crucial so don’t have any problems with the platform in the future.

Upon logging in, you will have access to your account dashboard, where you can update your profile, manage your appointments, and explore various features offered by the website.

And how to order the consultation?

  • Browse through the list of available psychics or use the search function to find a specific psychic or reading type.
Psychic VOP list of available psychics

  • Once you have selected a psychic, choose the delivery methods and add funds to your account via PayPal. The lowest deposit you can make is 25 dollars. After the consultation, you will be refunded for those three minutes provided in an introductory package.
Psychic VOP payment
  • Enjoy your session, and don’t forget to leave feedback.


Is PsychicVOP secure & confidential?

Yes, the platform states in its privacy policy terms it protects the billing and other details of its clients.

Does PsychicVOP have a refund policy?

Unfortunately, PsychicVOP doesn’t provide any information on how to get a refund when you don’t like your spiritual experience. 

How to find my trusted advisor on PsychicVOP?

To find your perfect match, use the advisor categories or look through the lists — “Top 10 advisors today on-site” and “New Advisors”.

Does PsychicVOP have a mobile app?

Unfortunately, PsychicVOP doesn’t provide a mobile application, but it has a presence on Instagram and Facebook.


We can say that PsychicVOP is a reputable online platform with many psychic reading options and other features to cater to various needs and interests.

The website’s commitment to transparency and quality is reflected in the detailed profiles of the psychics, responsive customer support, user-friendly interface, and introductory offer, of course.

Although the absence of a refund guarantee and mobile application may spoil your experience on the website, PsychicVOP still remains a legitimate source in the realm of online psychic services.

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