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Psychic Encounters review

Psychics Encounters, which is now a part of the California Psychics online network, is a community of spiritual advisors who believe in a budget-friendly, competitive approach to psychic counseling. Psychic Encounter specialists combine a simple, no-frills approach to providing spiritual guidance with pricing rates that allow you to order a reading without going to considerable lengths. Psychic Encounter reviews affirm the network’s reputation as a trusted service that applies a non-judgmental approach to love, career, family, relationships, and money readings. 

Psychicencounters.com has an invaluable mission of becoming a positive force in your life. The psychic platform fully understands the challenges existing for customers that are new to this sort of thing. They’ve simplified the process of finding the right psychic as you sort them by tools, subjects, abilities, reading style, and price tier. If you still struggle with making the right choice, customer feedback will be your lifesaver. With over 5 years of experience in the industry, Psychic Encounters is to become your guiding compass in the world of significant life questions and psychic wisdom.

💲 Average cost per minute$0.99-$1.99
📞Types of communicationPhone 
🔥 Welcome offerAffordable pricing rates of $0.99 per minute
🔮 Types of readingsLove psychics
Career advice 
Life path
Money readings
👥 Number of psychics 250+

Psychic Encounters’ main features

  • The website’s aesthetic appeals to a wide range of users, with sleek search tools and multiple functions available
  • Psychic Encounters has a number of reading topics and styles that touch upon the most popular subjects (love readings, career readings)
  • There is a strict screening process for psychics, which includes the experts sending the application form and passing the rigorous test
  • A great number of premium psychic practitioners available + customer feedback making it easier to find the right one
  • Phone and chat readings available for a ridiculously low rate that starts at $0.99 per minute of reading

Types of readings on Psychic Encounters 

Psychic Encounters reviews inform customers that psychics that are employed as independent contractors use various tools and reading styles to get guidance from higher spirits and angelic beings. However, there are 4 main reading types that you will come across while browsing the service in search of a perfect match:

  • Love and relationships guidance
  • Career readings
  • Money readings
  • Life path decisions and counseling

You can also select psychics based on the tools that they use to get relevant answers (cards, astrology).

Psychic Encounters—legit or scam?

Customers looking for decent psychic services need to know that the platform established a strict screening process for spiritual advisors in order to get a reading that is 100% legitimate. Thankfully, this Psychic Encounters review confirms that readers hired as independent contractors have positive and negative feedback posted on their profile pages. 

Because the platform makes no conscious effort to remove mixed feedback and reviews that point out the negatives, we can assume that this is a marker of user satisfaction and the psychics’ trustworthiness. Despite several customer reports being somewhat confusing, we can affirm that all advisors at Psychic Encounters are allowed on the platform only after they have proven their efficiency, with the company monitoring the psychics to make sure they remain professional. 

Pros and cons

✔️ Pros:

  • Transparent fees and payment system
  • Incredibly low rates starting from $0.99
  • A screening process for psychics
  • Over 200 advisors available 
  • Contemporary and interactive layout
  • The most popular reading styles included

❌ Cons:

  • No money-back guarantee options available 
  • The details of the screening process are not disclosed

Top Psychic Encounters advisors 

Although PsychicEncounters prefers to keep the details of the psychic screening process private, spiritual advisors on the platform are still required to abide by the code of ethics and provide professional services. If you are looking for guidance in all spheres of life, including your life’s calling, career goals, love, money, and relationships, you are welcome to treat yourself to a selection of Psychic Encounters experts. Below, you will see the website’s most gifted specialists that will help you clear the path ahead and embark on a journey of a profound spiritual experience. 

Pricing and discounts

If you are looking for a good deal for money and a psychic service that does not make you spend a fortune on inaccurate predictions, Psychic Encounters is the platform that matches the criteria. The transparent rate system allows psychics to operate on the platform charging $0.99-$1.99 per minute. The only downside to the service is the absence of any kind of welcome offer. Still, the customers are allowed to get a 10% discount if they enter the Psychic Encounters promo code.

Customer experience 

Psychic Encounters has made it possible to provide seekers of truth with supernatural guidance. This means they will enjoy the service that is full of advantageous deals that can make anyone feel at home. The overall customer feedback on Psychic Encounters had been positive so far, with users pointing out the website’s modern design and a searchable layout,  allowing them to navigate the service without added confusion. 

There are customers claiming that the service has surprisingly low rates compared to the usual market prices, which is another benefit of Psychic Encounters. Despite the limited choice of reading options and the platform being relatively young, it managed to earn respect from the regulars with its honest attitude to customer satisfaction. Customer reviews also report the lack of any consistent methods of contacting the management and no refund policies available. These are the only downsides to the site’s otherwise clean track record.

✅ Advantages of Psychic Encounters according to users:

  • The psychics having the lowest rates on the market
  • The screening process allowing to sort out the best experts
  • Simple pricing model with no additional expenses 
  • The website’s modern design, which is easy to navigate

❌ Disadvantages of Psychic Encounters according to users:

  • No refund policies or satisfaction guarantees
  • Little to no information about the screening process

How to use Psychic Encounters website?

  1. To order a reading from Psychic Encounters, a sign-up process is required. You will need to use the Psychic Encounters login after you’ve entered your email address and password in the appropriate field. Another way to create an account on the platform would be to use your social media account to connect.
Psychic Encounters sign-up
  1. Since the number of psychics on the platform is not overwhelming, you will not have a hard time finding the one that meets your requirements. Upon clicking the All Advisors button, you would be presented with a list of psychic specialists with customer reports confirming their proficiency.
Psychic Encounters find a psychic
  1. Once you have selected the psychic that is a perfect match, you can either start chatting with them right away or arrange a phone call for a more engaging experience. You can also read customer reviews to make sure the selected psychic expert is just what you need in terms of professional guidance and advice.
Psychic Encounters chat with psychic
  1. Psychic Encounters created an app for users that wish to book a reading from a mobile device and enter a conversation with a psychic at any time. The Psychic Encounters app is a modernized version of the website with searchable functions and tools.
Psychic Encounters mobile app


Is Psychic Encounters secure & confidential?

Psychic Encounters is a platform with a transparent payment system and a privacy policy that allows customers to remain anonymous every time they visit the website to get insights from the selected advisor.

Does Psychic Encounters have a refund policy?

The Terms of Service page on the platform states that there are no actively operating refund guarantees for customers that decide to interact with the psychic advisors directly since all psychics are hired as independent contractors. 

How to find my trusted advisor on Psychic Encounters?

To spot an advisor that will be your knight in shining armor in terms of big life questions and major decisions, you have to study customer reviews first. These cannot be duplicated and therefore allow customers to weed out fraudulent advisors and find the ones that are honest and trustworthy.

Does Psychic Encounters have a mobile app?

With the service determined to maintain the reputation of a contemporary one, it comes as no surprise that Psychic Encounters features tools such as the Psychic Encounters phone number for those who would like to contact customer support, as well as a mobile app that can be easily accessed by iOS and Android users.


Psychic Encounters, which appeared on the psychic scene around 2016, has quickly made its way to the list of top psychic websites known for their sharp design and friendly approach to users seeking psychic counseling. At the moment, the platform is merged with California Psychics and delivers readings with an impressive pricing rate of $0.99 per minute. This is a great bargain for users who do not wish to spend money on pricier websites but are still determined to get a reading that is truly authentic. Despite the company refusing to provide any refund policies for customers and the screening process for psychics being a little vague, we can assure you that cooperating with Psychic Encounters is never a wrong choice.

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