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California Psychics is one of those sites that entered the industry a while ago and now boasts thousands of satisfied clients. It has a thorough selection process when it comes to inviting new members to the team, which helps it deliver high-quality services to the customers and weed out those specialists who came for a gravy train. 

It’s fair to say that California Psychics is one of the industry’s most reliable and sought-after sites because it offers a range of services that help people improve their lives. If you’re a fan of specific readings or are looking for a psychic with certain years of experience, it’s easy to find both on the platform. 

Also, it has attractive introductory offers; for example, you get a welcome discount. You can buy 20 minutes for either $1, $2, or $4 per minute, while your first psychic reading by phone will cost $1/minute. When you get California Psychics readings, you can also use a birth chart calculator, check out horoscopes and zodiac signs descriptions, and take a look at the blog posts on various topics and a psychic dictionary.  

💲Average price per minute $4-$10
📧Means of communicationLive chat, phone 
🔥Special offer for new usersBuy 20 minutes for either $1, $2, or $4 per minute.Your first psychic reading by phone costs $1/minute
🧑‍🤝‍🧑Monthly visits 2.1M
🔮Reading typesPsychic
Past life readings
Fortune telling
Dream analysis
Palm readings
Picture readings
Eastern philosophy
Universal laws
New Age spirituality

California Psychics’ main features

California Psychics website

A California Psychics review won’t be full without pointing out its standout options and unique offers. So, these are the following:

  • Several types of readings. The site offers services for every occasion, from tarot and crystals to remote viewing and oracle cards. Such a variety of options significantly boosts the overall user experience and allows you to get a better understanding of what life has prepared for you and how to deal with it. 
  • Discounts for new members. When joining the site, you’ll be offered to choose a payment plan and a Psychic style, including inspirational, compassionate, or straightforward. Also, you’ll be charged at a lower rate than usual members to understand what to expect from using the site. Thus, you can make the most out of the welcome discount: buy 20 minutes for either $1, $2, or $4 per minute. Also, it is possible to take advantage of psychic reading by phone for only 1$ per minute. 
  • Many psychics are available. A California Psychics review should mention that the site has a pay-per-minute pricing structure & subscriptions for new customers. Also, it offers to select from different psychics depending on their experience levels. Thus, the minute price starts from $1 and can be as high as $15 based on the specialist’s skills and years in the industry. 
  • Different communication methods. If a psychic is online, you can chat with them or have a call. It’s easy to select the most convenient option to get the best experience. While browsing the profiles of experts, you can see whether they are online. It is also possible to schedule the meeting if you want to get the reading from someone special. 
  • Convenient mobile app. You can access California Psychics from anywhere, which makes it easy to get a reading from anywhere. With the help of the dedicated app, you can access your favorite California Psychics while being on the move. It is worth mentioning that the app isn’t inferior to the desktop version in terms of features. 
  • Ability to pick a psychic style. You can choose between the inspirational, compassionate, or straightforward style of your sessions. Everything depends on the way you would like a certain expert to approach you. 
  • Psychic dictionary. If you want to take a deeper dive into California Psychic reading, feel free to study the dictionary. Here you can discover all the terms and main concepts of spiritual practices. With the convenient layout, you will certainly find the term you are interested in. 
  • Free horoscope California Psychics. You can get your astrological horoscope absolutely free of charge. Just specify your name, email, and date of birth, and get your California Psychics daily horoscope on your email. 
  • Blog posts on various topics. You can enlarge your knowledge of spiritual practices by reading informative blog posts. Destiny & Life path, career & money, astrology & numerology — these are just some topics covered on the website. 

Types of readings on California Psychics

As mentioned in our California Psychics review, the site has a number of readings to choose from, including the ones below:

  1. Love and relationships. If you need the advice to understand what to expect in your relationship or what person to choose, a skilled medium can help you address any questions. 
  2. Career advice. Feeling stuck in a current job and don’t understand where your career is moving? A psychic will give you more clarity by explaining how to earn more money and defining the blockages stopping you from achieving success.  
  3. Life path. Improving life circumstances to become a happier person might be challenging, but an experienced psychic can make it at a finger’s snap. 
  4. Finances. California Psychics has over 250 money readers who can help you improve your financial situation and adopt a healthier mindset to generate more profits. 
  5. Additional categories. You can opt for clairaudience, automatic writing, I-Ching, runes, or an empath. 

California Psychics—legit or scam?

Is California Psychics legit? Yes, it’s a credible site you can confidently use and rely on. It’s been in the business for 25 years, which proves its reliability and client satisfaction. Thanks to a thorough recruitment process, only 2 out of 100 psychics get the offer from the site. Besides, you can get a refund if you aren’t happy with your readings because the platform has a 100% money-back guarantee.

Pros and cons

Before you perform the California Psychics sign in, you would better analyze all the pros and cons of joining this website to better understand whether it works for you. 

  • Free horoscope California Psychics and multiple additional perks that don’t require payment
  • Ability to get in touch with experts using telephone or chat
  • Numerous positive reviews for California psychics on third-party platforms
  • Well-elaborated mobile application for having spiritual practices on the move
  • The site doesn’t provide a full refund for the sessions the clients aren’t happy with
  • No video chatting feature
  • California Psychics coupons are hard to find

How to find the right psychic for you

We all have events that notably unsettle us. Some people prefer to solve all the problems themselves, while others imagine those problems don’t exist at all. And some turn to a psychic for help. If you belong to the latter, you must have wondered how to find a good specialist. After all, there are many scammers who can waste your money and time.

We offer a few simple steps to improve your chances of meeting a perfect psychic.

  1. First step

    First, find reviews of their work and analyze them. You can’t trust the specialist if there are no testimonials or if all the reviews are only five stars. Even the best psychic will not cope with all tasks 100 percent.

  2. Second step

    Secondly, analyze what kind of reading technique they use and how they arrange their work. You can read it in the Services or FAQ sections. You may prefer tarot, but an expert doesn’t do that. Accordingly, it will not suit you.

  3. Third step

    The third step is simple. Trust your intuition. If you don’t like the specialist, it is better to refuse his or her services. You will not be able to relax, making it difficult for the expert to read you. As a result, your psychic reading experience will be unsuccessful. 

  4. Last step

    Lastly, read how average sessions with psychics go. For example, what should happen at the first meeting, then at the second, and so on. If you notice each meeting brings minimal benefit, then most likely, your expert is trying to organize as many sessions as possible to get money from you.

If you are wondering who is the best psychic in California psychics and feel you’re ready to choose your spiritual advisor, check out the best psychics in California.

Top 5 California Psychics Advisors

Whether you want to use California Psychics promo code, start your spiritual adventure with a new advisor, or just continue your experience on the website, knowing the best psychics on California Psychics will certainly come in handy. Learn about the most popular specialists on the platform to better understand which kind of services you can achieve.


Daisy Psychic at California Psychics

Daisy specializes in love & relationships, career & work, destiny & life path. She works with tarot and oracle cards to give insightful advice to her clients. On top of that, the expert uses clairsentient, empath, and clairvoyant to deliver better results during the sessions. Daisy considers every particular case in the tiniest details and provides coaching and guidance, so you can accomplish your goals with confidence. With a 4.7 rating and almost 2000 user reviews, Daisy is one of the most popular California psychics. 


Astrid Psychic at California Psychics

Astrid has performed nearly 46K sessions since 2012. She has numerous positive testimonials on your page, proving that she does her work with great precision. You can talk or chat with Astrid for $6.50 per minute. Based on the reviews for California Psychics, this expert connects to energy, guides, and gives truthful predictions about the future. Astrid uses a pendulum, crystals, and numerology to derive the information. Whether you have issues related to love & relationships, career & work, and money & finance, feel free to approach Astrid to get all your questions answered. 


Namath Psychic at California Psychics

Namath uses tarot and oracle cards, crystals, and clairvoyant abilities to transform tunes into the caller’s voice vibrations to read their energy. This expert boasts almost 15K readings and 900 reviews since 2019. If you want to use Namath’s services, be ready to pay $5 per minute for a chat or phone session. On top of that, Namath is one of the best psychics in California Psychics who has mediumship abilities, so you can get in touch with your deceased loved ones with the help of her skills. 


Hayes Psychic at California Psychics

Hayes has unique spiritual abilities that allow her to connect with visions, energies, Spirit Guides, and analyze past, present, and future. With a 4.7 rating and a compassionate style, she can transform any spiritual journey into a positive light. To make the most out of the Hayes’ services, you will need to pay $4 per minute. This expert works without any tools, she uses only her intuition during the live sessions. Those who want to achieve first-class California Psychic readings approach Hayes when she is online. 


Seymour Psychic at California Psychics

Seymour provides spiritual practices only via phone. Being a clairvoyant and clairaudient psychic, he interacts with energies to derive the information necessary for the client. If you are wondering “How accurate are California psychics?”, feel free to address Seymour and get down-to-earth psychic advice related to love affairs, family, career, or money. This expert has already provided more than 20,500 sessions and boasts vast experience in numerous life spheres. 

California Psychics review—Pricing & Discounts

No less essential aspect in this California Psychics review is prices and discounts. Compared to the contenders, this website provides affordable prices. Typically, the rates for the psychics services vary from $1 to $15. The price for the services usually depends on the rating, experience, and expertise of a particular expert. There is also an opportunity to take advantage of California Psychics coupons. It is necessary to identify your billing information to use the services of the site. As soon as you use your welcome California Psychic reading offer, you will be charged based on the fees determined on the site. 

The website stands out from the crows due to the advantageous promotions it provides. It is possible to use a welcome discount — purchase 20 minutes for $1, $2, or $4 per minute. Also, it is possible to get your first psychic readings by phone for $1/minute. On top of that, you can participate in the Karma rewards program. You can buy Readings, Earn Points & get Back on Quarterly Purchases. The returning users can make the most out of the California Psychics promo code to get a particular kind of discount. 

Customer experience

Is California Psychics real? This is one of the most widely-used questions among potential newcomers. Luckily, it is possible to easily determine whether a website delivers its services legally thanks to user testimonials and expert reviews. One of the most reliable platforms to check the authenticity of the service is TrustPilot. Here you can read more than 160 reviews that describe California Psychic readings. The site administrators always respond to the reviews and give possible solutions if there are any concerns. Backpackerverse.com also offers a fair review on the physics service website. They contain not only pros & cons analysis but also other information which may be useful for readers. For example, you can read there how to get a physics reading from the company, its story, and the accuracy of their readings. Sitejabber.com also has the review on the California Psychics.The average rating is 5 stars indicating the proficiency of the company’s spiritual experts. Thus the site offers such pros of asking the company for assistance. You don’t have to be afraid of the California Psychics scam since this service is transparent as you see from reviews.

What users like 👍

Based on user reviews, new and returning users like the following aspects. 

  • Insightful guidance from the outstanding spiritual experts
  • California psychics daily horoscope free of charge
  • Numerous free perks, including the California Psychics promo code
  • Easy search for an expert
  • Straightforward navigation and eye-pleasing interface 
  • Rates and customer feedback
  • Well-detailed profiles of California Psychics experts
  • Easy process of California Psychics sign in

What users dislike 👎

Some users put less than 4 stars due to the following factors:

  • It is better to schedule the meeting since the experts are often offline 
  • During the sessions, some psychics need more time to double-check the information to give insightful advice
  • It could be more free advantages for returning users
  • Some customers aren’t satisfied with the rates some experts set
  • If you approach multiple psychics, they may say different things 

How to use the California Psychics website?

This California Psychics review outlines the information on how to use the website to the tiniest detail. The website lets you use all its perks in a matter of several clicks. All you need is to create an account and invest in your psychic experience. Follow these guidelines to make your spiritual journey a breeze.  

  1. Initiate a process of registration. There is no need to determine much information. You can sign in using your Facebook account or specify your first and last names, email, and date of birth. Specifying the date of birth is necessary for those who want to achieve California Psychics daily horoscope.   
California Psychics Login / Sign Up
  1. Before getting inside, you will need to specify your telephone number and credit card info. Don’t worry! Unused money will stay in your account. At this stage, you can enter the California Psychics promo code. Agree with the terms and conditions and complete the registration. 
California Psychics promo code and your telephone number and credit card info
  1. Browse the catalog of experts to choose the one that suits your preferences and budget. You can search for specialists based on the tools, sphere, name, and skills. Visit the expert’s profiles to find out which methods they use and their special offers. 
Choosing Psychic Advisor at California Psychics
  1. Initiate a session and seize the chance to pay only $1 per minute. This is an excellent chance to test the platform out and see how everything works. 
Book psychic reading at California Psychics website
  1. Aside from achieving insightful readings, you can make the most from free blog posts and other interesting perks. By the way, all of them are available in the dedicated app.

California Psychics Mobile App Overview

California Psychics Mobile App Overview.

California Physics also has its own application, which you can install on the App Store or Google Play. The app offers various types of services, such as Personalized Horoscope, Zodiac Compatibility, etc. Also, the California Physics app lets you quickly find an expert. You can easily browse the list of specialists and choose the best one for you. 

Besides, you can select either chat or phone reading sessions with your spiritual advisors. 

This is a user-friendly and efficient tool to get psychic readings in California. Thus, the app’s general rating in the App Store is 4.3/ 5 stars, with 910 reviews. It proves the usage of the application. Don’t hesitate and download California Psychics to get your life improved. 

California Psychics Video Overview


What is California Psychics?

California Psychics is a dedicated site that delivers services related to spiritual practices. It includes hundreds of psychics profiles that are engaged in mediumship, love affair practices, tarot card reading, astrology, numerology, etc. Some of them require special tools to provide sessions, while others rely on their intuition. With moderate prices and a high level of services, California Psychics has become a number-one contender on the market. 

Is California Psychics legitimate and secure?

California Psychics is a licensed company that delivers its services legally. It provides a secure environment for both psychics and their clients. The website doesn’t provide billing and personal information to third parties. Moreover, you can remain absolutely anonymous during the sessions. There is no need to reveal your real name to the experts unless it is required for the ritual. 
Does California Psychics have a refund policy?

Does California Psychics have a refund policy?

Even though California Psychics has a satisfaction guarantee, there are several nuances you should know. First off, you can only request a refund once per month, and it should be the last session you are not satisfied with. The refund doesn’t come in the form of real money, you should achieve it in the form of the website currency. Regardless of your session duration, you will achieve a maximum of 15 minutes worth of credits. 

How to find my trusted advisor on California Psychics?

Before registering their accounts on the website, all potential psychics undergo rigorous screening processes to make sure they can deliver a decent level of services. To find a specialist that works for you, feel free to use the searching options available on the platform. Also, you can browse psychics profiles to choose the one that suits the most suitable methods for you. On the personal page of each expert, you can see real customer reviews. You can always leave your feedback after the session. 

How do I get free minutes on California Psychics?

California Psychics has an average price of 6.50 $/min for its reading services. PRO-readers sell their services at a slightly higher price. However, you can also use promo code “ADD5” to get 5 free minutes when you join the service for the first time. 

Can California Psychics read my horoscope?

The fact that our date of birth determines our life is not a myth! Many people consider horoscopes nonsense, but the problem is that a high-quality and correctly compiled horoscope differs from those trivial texts the Internet is teeming with. California Psychics provides a compilation of high-quality horoscopes. Feel free to contact them for astrological help.

How can you connect with California Psychics advisors?

The way to get your spiritual specialist at California Psychics is easy! Firstly, browse the list of advisors, decide who you like the most, and click on the chat or talk button. Then you need to make a California Psychics login. You can sign up with your email or Facebook account. Lastly, find a peaceful place, come up with questions that bother you, and connect with your advisor.

Are there any popular alternatives to California Psychics?

California Psychics is one of the oldest websites which provides spiritual reading services. Their team helps people to uplift their lives, offering the assistance of professional psychic readers. 
However, there are other spiritual services. The best of them are Kasamba, Keen Physics, and Psychic Source. 


California Psychics is one of the most popular websites that includes a large database of professional psychics. Here are the main factors you should know about this platform before signing in.

  1. There are numerous free perks, including California Psychics daily horoscope.
  2. The prices on the platform are quite moderate. You can get insightful readings for $1 and more. 
  3. There are numerous positive testimonials about the platform. 
  4. The site has a huge database of psychic readers who specialize in different life spheres. 

Overall, California Psychics is a safe and trusted website with numerous monthly visits. Just get registered, choose the specialist, and get an accurate reading in a couple of clicks.

How California Psychics Compares To Other Psychic Reading Sites

California Psychics is not the only provider of reading services. There are other decent sites that can compete in spiritual assistance and lifetime guidance they offer to clients. We offer a comparison of several of them to California Psychics. 

California Psychics vs Keen

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Both spiritual websites are the best on the market. But some things make Keen a winner, while others make California a winner. Thus, Keen can offer more types of reading categories than California Psychics. 

However, premium readers at California Psychics are much more affordable than at Keen (the lowest pricing for the Keen top-reader is around $15 while for the California experts are $8. 

Besides, California Psychics offers a generous refund system which the Keen website doesn’t. 

California Psychics vs Kasamba

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These companies are top reading services that compete. 

Like Keen, Kasamba has more types of reading specializations than California Psychics.

The same goes for pricing. Although both Kasamba and California are not cheap websites, the latter is not that expensive. The average price for Kasamba spiritual experts can be $30/minute, which is 2x higher than the California Psychics website. 

However, Kasamba has a more client-friendly refund policy and doesn’t require banking card info to create an account. 

California Psychics vs Mysticsense

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California Psychics wins in the selection of spiritual readers. However, Mysticsense can boast respectable types of reading tools and topics, and lower prices for its services. The highest rate is $10 per minute. However, if you prefer quality over pricing, then better choose California Psychics since they have more experienced readers. 

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