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Founded in 2016, the Purple Garden psychic platform continues to provide customers with personalized reading options via chat, phone, and video sessions. Those wishing to reconnect with their higher self can order a psychic reading, palm reading, astrology report, or dream analysis from an expert for a $10 cashback for brand-new clients.

  • Average price per minute: $0.99-$18
  • Communication channels: chat, phone, personalized video sessions
  • Offers for new customers: a credit of $10 for the first reading 
  • Reading types: love readings, psychic readings, tarot readings, palm readings, angel insights, astrology & horoscopes, dream analysis, oracle guidance

Purple Garden’s main features: All perks to know

Trusting Purple Garden psychics as they provide services based on their exceptional mystic abilities is a matter of trust and communication. Below are some of the features that make Purple Garden so appealing:

  1. Access to psychic readings through several channels. Purple Garden offers three major communication platforms that help customers get a clear outline of their future: psychic readings via video calls, voice calls, and chat.
  2. Various types of online psychic readings. The Purple Garden psychics review suggests there is a variety of reading types on offer that include angel insights, astrology, horoscopes, tarot readings, psychic readings, dream analysis, love readings, palm readings, and oracle guidance.
  3. Beneficial introductory offer for newcomers. Once the customers complete their first purchase at the Purple Garden psychics platform, they are eligible for a $10 credit, according to the platform’s pricing plan.
  4. List of acknowledged psychics with experience. The Purple Garden platform is known for hosting over 1200 online psychics that specialize in thorough, detailed readings and can provide personalized advice on the requested theme.
  5. An exclusive feature available on the mobile app. Purple Garden designed a unique feature called Journeys, which is available for Purple Garden app users that would like to share personal experiences with a dedicated psychic and seek truth based on other people’s life stories.
  6. Diversified pricing plan for online users. The price point system at the Purple Garden psychic platform starts from $1, with 24/7 customer support assistance available to users, as well as an online forum for resolving community issues.

Types of readings on Purple Garden

Types of readings on Purple Garden

Those looking to receive invaluable insights on all matters past, present, and future can be redirected to the Purple Garden reading types list covering the aspects of life that would have been otherwise shrouded in mystery. The main reading types at the Purple Garden psychic platform include:

  • Psychic readings
  • Tarot readings
  • Palm readings
  • Astrology advice
  • Horoscopes
  • Oracle guidance
  • Dream analysis
  • Relationship guidance
  • Angel insights

Purple Garden review will also help customers define subcategories for more extensive psychic analysis based on personalized predictions and insights:

  • Spiritual advice
  • Relationship advice
  • Chakra cleansing
  • Twin flame reading
  • Medium advice
  • Clairvoyance
  • Life advice and coaching
  • Energy chakras healing

Purple Garden: Legit or scam?

The Purple Garden platform is fully legitimate, featuring hundreds of positive reviews from customers. Customer impressions verify that the online network is a trustworthy service that hires professionals that undergo years of training. A thorough evaluation of an individual psychic’s abilities eliminates the possibility of scammers and fake mystics operating on the website. Instead, the Purple Garden psychic readings become a staple among clairvoyance experts in the industry.

Pros and cons

✔️ Pros

  • A mobile app for diverse psychic readings
  • Support from customer service agents
  • Security measures for customer protection
  • Chat, phone, and video sessions available
  • Informative profiles of psychic experts
  • Various types of psychic readings


  • No free readings for customers
  • Vague refund policies
  • Mobile app glitches

How to find the right psychic for you

As stated in multiple Purple Garden reviews, customers can start looking for a psychic that matches the type of reading that they seek after they create a personal account. An introductory video from the expert can give a potential client a better insight into how they work. Take time to analyze the range of readings delivered by separate psychics and study Purple reviews to hire the psychic of your dream. 

Located at the top of the screen in the main menu of the Purple Gardens website, the search bar allows the customers to narrow down their options based on the reading type and specialty they are looking for. The users of the Purple Garden app can also filter down their options by studying the preferred psychic’s number of reviews, average pricing, and overall experience.

Top 5 Purple Garden psychic advisors

Purple Garden psychic advisor

Lara 11

Specialty: psychic tarot

Number of readings: 4,184

Available via: voice call, video call, chat

Rating: 5.0

Lara is an experienced psychic with a background in psychology at PurpleGarden. She has been reading tarot cards for over 10 years to help people from all over the world to find true guidance.

Purple Garden psychic

Angel whispers 5

Specialty: mediumship, spiritual guidance

Number of readings: 6,371

Available via: voice call, video call, chat

Rating: 4.8

Angel whispers 5 is a skilled medium that can connect with the spirits of your loved ones and provide spiritual counsel on all areas of life: relationships, career, and personal enlightenment when doing Purple Garden psychic readings professionally. 

Purple Garden psychic reader

Ophelia’s Wisdom

Specialty: psychic tarot reading 

Number of readings: 644

Available via: chat, voice call, video call 

Rating: 5

Ophelia’s Wisdom specializes in tarot reading and providing guidance when it comes to the most private areas of life. She has felt a deep spiritual connection with the higher powers ever since she uncovered her true abilities and started doing Purple Garden psychic readings.

Purple Garden psychics


Specialty: love advisor

Number of readings: 27,380

Available via: chat, voice call, video call 

Rating: 4.8

SpiritualLoveInsight is a spiritual life coach advisor that specializes in analyzing the customer’s energy levels, romantic prospects, and twin flame connections. Having over 12 years of experience as a Purple psychic, SpiritualLoveInsight will grant you answers for improving your love life and career.

Purple Garden psychic advisor


Specialty: intuitive tarot readings

Number of readings: 690

Available via: voice call and video call

Rating: 4.9

Based on the Purple Garden psychic reviews, Scorpiocherry is a talented tarot reader that uses her intuitive abilities to deliver love and career advice as well as general recommendations based on her unique psychic powers.

Purple Garden pricing and discounts

Purple Garden pricing

The Purple Garden review analyzing the network provides information on a pricing plan that starts from $0.99 and goes all the way up to $18 per session for a minute. However, the majority of psychic advice falls to the average end of the pricing plan. The Purple Garden psychic platform is a well-priced network with a welcome credit of $10 available to new customers as soon as they order their first reading.

According to Purple Garden reviews, love readings can be found within the range of $3.99 to $4.99 per minute. Psychic readings on the site vary from $1.99 to $9.99. If the refund is demanded, the request will be processed based on an individual case and remain at the discretion of the client. There are a variety of payment methods available for purchasing readings from Purple Garden psychics online, including debit cards, MasterCard, PayPal, and American Express.

Customer experience

The customers find both the Purple Garden app and the online platform to be extremely helpful when it comes to various types of readings. However, based on the Purple Garden psychics review, the connection to the psychic network could be improved, with technical difficulties occurring occasionally. The users are ready to give five-star ratings to the majority of psychic specialists as they are right on the money with love, career, and life advice, while noting that some of the spiritual advisors tend to charge more than others. 

🔮 Advantages of Purple Garden according to users:

  • The interface makes it easy to read individual psychic profiles
  • There is a wide selection of psychic specialists to choose from
  • Video chat sessions can be ordered for a reading
  • The psychics take their time with the customers
  • The profiles of psychic experts are detailed and informative
  • The readings are genuine, intuitive, and highly accurate

🔮 Disadvantages of Purple Garden according to users:

  • There are no free readings on the psychic platform
  • Customer refund policies need to be improved
  • The cost of individual psychics falls on the more expensive side
  • The platform experiences occasional technical difficulties

How to use the Purple Garden website?

Purple Garden website

To start the sign-up process on the Purple Gardening website, the users have to choose the “Sign In” option at the top of the screen and click on the “Don’t have an account” button to create a profile. The account can be made using the customer’s Facebook page, Google account, or email address. 

To book an individual reading at the Purple Garden app, the customers have to remain logged into their account. After reading the profile of a psychic, they can click on the desired type of reading and communication method (video session, phone call, or chat). A gray button on the reading type means it is not yet available. 

A green button means that the selected Purple Garden psychic readings can be delivered instantly. The availability of a chosen psychic will be determined by a green circle in the center of the Purple psychic profile. If the reader’s profile is marked with a red sign, this means that they are currently busy with another client.

Purple Garden mobile app overview

Purple Garden mobile app

The Purple Garden platform has a PurpleGarden app designed to help the readers build a connection with the customers as they use text chats, phone calls, and video chats for communication. The Purple Garden app has a straightforward layout that features the psychic’s profiles and the average cost of reading.

The users need to log into their profile to select the preferred psychic and apply filters to the search. Based on Purple reviews on navigating the site, the customers can filter down the number of psychics they would like to order from by category, pricing plan, and the type of reading that they offer. Once the customers see that the chosen psychic appears online, they can click on the button to connect with the expert.


Is Purple Garden secure & confidential?

Purple Garden psychics review confirms that the platform does not disclose the content of your conversations. All the readings you get from a psychic are 100% secure and strictly anonymous, so your privacy will be protected at all times.

Does Purple Garden have a refund policy?

Technically, the Purple Garden psychic platform will always retain the right to decide whether the customer is eligible for a refund. In case the customers decide they need their funds back, they can email [email protected] and state their concerns. 

Can a Purple Garden psychic really tell me my future?

The customers can rest assured knowing that the selection of Purple Garden psychics is completely trustworthy. The psychics at Purple Gardens are required to provide an application form along with the test reading to confirm their legitimacy. The company will then choose the best psychic to complete an online reading. 

How do I get free minutes on Purple Garden?

Purple Garden does not have free minutes or a Purple Garden coupon code for psychic readings on the platform. However, the players can get a cashback of 10% as they sign up on the site for the first time and make an order from the selected Purple Garden psychics.

Can Purple Garden read my horoscope?

Yes, the Purple Garden psychics network offers Purple Garden astrology and horoscope readings for customers to help them harness the energy of the stars. The users are welcome to start a chat with an expert astrologer to get an accurate reading of their horoscope and reach maximum clarity.

Conclusion — Is Purple Garden worth it?

Purple Garden is a psychic network with a mobile app and three major communication channels, including video chats, voice readings, and chat. Purple reviews suggest that these features enable users to get detailed answers from the most accurate and efficient specialists in tarot readings, psychic readings, angel insights, and palm readings. There is a wide range of reading subcategories for newcomers to choose from at Purple Garden, with the site being available on mobile devices. Hosting an array of specialists with years of experience, both the Purple Garden platform and the Purple Garden app will provide users with predictions that are genuine, fast, and accurate.

How Purple Garden compares to other psychic reading sites

Purple Garden VS Keen

Purple Garden VS Keen

Despite Keen being the leading psychic network in the past, the pendulum starts to swing in favor of Purple Garden and the Purple psychic team. Both services feature phone calls and chats as communication means, but it is Purple Garden that came up with the idea of video calls to conduct a reading. With Keen offering emails to deliver predictions, Purple Garden manages to take its options one step further with the pre-recorded readings in case the customers are too busy to perform live sessions via video calls at Purple Gardens. In addition, Purple Garden features a pricing plan that is lower than that of Keen, with both platforms having beneficial introductory rates for clients interested in Purple Garden Chinese astrology, oracle guidance, palm readings, and tarot readings.

Purple Garden VS Kasamba

Purple Garden VS Kasamba

Both Purple Garden and Kasamba have an extensive history of online psychic readings, with a vast selection of reading types to meet the customers’ specific requirements. Unlike Purple Garden psychics services, the customers at Kasamba will be able to receive a 3-minute free trial reading with any expert of their choice and a 70% cashback deal on the first session. However, the Kasamba psychic platform does not feature a video call reading option, which is a downside compared to the same option listed at Purple Garden. Kasamba and Purple Garden are also known for their supportive customer service teams, promptly answering the users’ questions and queries.

Purple Garden VS Nebula

Purple Garden VS Nebula

According to the Purple Garden review and platform analysis, both sites feature chat options that allow customers to start a conversation with their favorite psychic and shed sufficient light on all private matters that need to be resolved. Nebula will also boast an online query designed to match the clients with the psychics that meet their interests. Although a similar option is absent in the Purple Garden app, the latter evens the score by offering video chat readings and pre-recorded readings for those who are thrilled to receive an in-depth answer from a dedicated expert.

Tara Rose
Tara Rose is a top-tier astrology expert who has provided spiritual assistance for many years. She does her readings free of charge, wishing to help others find their life path. Tara Rose specializes in love, career, and potential development. Today, she also works as a spiritual author at Psychic House Of Magic.
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