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Welcome to Psychic House of Magic  — an insightful website dedicated to psychics and spiritual practices. Our team consists of enthusiasts who are all about exploring the offers of the most popular psychics currently available online. We thoroughly study all the nuances of astrology, spiritual practices, and the psychic reading world to deliver only relevant information to our readers. 

Our main objectives

Here are our main goals and the reasons we create the project related to psychics and astrology:

  • Our team is aimed to provide informative and relevant psychic reading site reviews with all the features, perks, pros & cons, and prices outlined. By reading our insightful reviews, you will better understand whether the site delivers authentic services and is worth investing in.
  • Aside from describing the basic features of the sites, we compile the information that can be helpful for achieving a better psychic reading experience. We carefully analyze the experts registered on dedicated platforms to narrow down your search for the best specialist, thus saving you time and effort. 
  • To produce the overviews you can trust, our team explores third-party resources and analyzes real customer testimonials. Therefore, you can discover the upsides and downsides of the platform and get inspired by other user experiences.

About the our team

All articles on our website are written by a practicing psychics & astrologers:

Dan Allender
Astrology Expert
Dan Allender is a psychologist and astrology and psychics expert.
He is the founder of The Allender Center and The Seattle School of Theology & Psychology, which prepared mental health professionals and helped hundreds of lives to heal their traumas.
Now Dan is working as a spiritual specialist at PsychicHouseOfMagic.
Terry Kite
Top psychic writer
Currently, I decided to share my experience and knowledge with those who want to see what is behind the curtain of human sight. That is why I write articles dedicated to psychics and other spiritual practices on PsychicHouseOfMagic.com.
Tara Rose
Tara Rose is a top-tier astrology expert who has provided spiritual assistance for many years. She does her readings free of charge, wishing to help others find their life path. Tara Rose specializes in love, career, and potential development. Today, she also works as a spiritual author at Psychic House Of Magic.

How we ranked websites

Before promoting a psychic service to users, we have to conduct our own research to ensure the customers are getting good value for money. Below are the major points we take into consideration when analyzing a renowned psychic platform:

  • Welcome offers and promotions. Those who are new to the psychic platform are eager to discover the website’s bonuses and promos to claim welcome offers and save some cash. This is why we are so determined to recommend platforms that have decent welcome offers that say, “We want you back.”
  • Mobile app. Any reputable psychic platform needs to have a mobile app to offer customers readings on the go. If the service we conduct a review on provides a safe conduit for customers to get readings on Android and iOS, we will give additional points for making the platform up-to-date and accessible to individuals that don’t have time to order a reading from their laptop.
  • Platform usability. Do not get us wrong—a psychic service with flashy ads and freebies promoted left and right is just as frustrating as a platform with headlines in multiple fonts and a number of psychics that can make your head spin. However, having an interactive filter tool with multiple search functions and a clear-cut design is what we are looking for when assessing a psychic service.
  • Money-back guarantee. Customers who are new to the service should know that the support has their back in case their first reading does not go as planned. We always double-check whether the psychic service provides a refund for users dissatisfied with the reading.
  • Number of psychics. When evaluating top psychic services online, we pay utmost attention to the overall number of experts operating on the platform. Having 10 readers only is just as inadequate as an overwhelming number of psychics, making it hard to choose the right one.
  • Vetted psychics. If a psychic platform wants to be regarded as legitimate, it is imperative that the psychic base operating on the service is vetted by third-party agencies, customer reviews, and reports. We only recommend psychics with a solid code of ethics and honest feedback, allowing us to evaluate their qualifications objectively.
  • Budget-friendlyprices. Having fair rates for every psychic on the platform and a pricing structure that is not intended to relieve you of your money is what we base our judgment on when deciding whether a selected psychic service can be dubbed as a premier community.


Psychic House of Magic is aimed to create genuine, unprejudiced, and objective overviews of popular psychic reading platforms that operate online. In our posts, we consider numerous aspects such as services, features, means of communication, safety & confidentiality, terms of use, and pricing policy. By analyzing all these factors, we rank the websites for our readers to use the best services currently available in the industry. While creating the list of the best psychic reading websites, we consider the relevant information and real user reviews rather than the abilities of one or another psychic practitioner. 

Honesty and transparency are of great importance to our team. Every reader can receive an objective opinion of each dedicated platform, with all the positive and negative points covered. We don’t advertise the sites and don’t engage you to sign up and invest in a particular platform. Our site maintains complete editorial independence from the company we feature on psychichouseofmagic.com.

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