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In case you have a burning issue that requires urgent clarity and insight, then you will certainly need the help of a first-class psychic reader. But where to find a reliable specialist to entrust all your problems and concerns? The modern market offers a rich array of websites dedicated to spiritual practices. However, not all of them are created equally. This Mysticsense review outlines the most prominent features, peculiarities, and nuances for you to make the formal decision on whether this site fulfills your needs. 

💲Average price per minute $0.99 – $5 per minute
📧Means of communicationlive chat, phone, video  
🔥Special offer for new usersGet 5 minutes of psychic readings 
🧑‍🤝‍🧑Monthly visits 91.9K
🔮Reading typesPsychic readings
Past life readings
Fortune telling
Dream analysis
Eastern philosophy
Occult practices
Fertility reading
Universal laws
New Age spirituality
Photo readings
Palm readings

Mysticsense functionality—All aspects covered 

Mysticsense website overview

Before taking a deep dive into the world of spiritual rituals, it makes sense to learn the features of the site you are going to invest in. The combination of these perks makes Mysticsense one of the most sought-after platforms currently available on the market.

  • Multiple means of communication. The bragging point of the platform is that you can communicate using live chat, phone, and video means of communication. Keep in mind that the prices for the services vary depending on the messaging options you opt for. You can see all the prices on the personal profiles of psychic readers. 
  • Articles and media. If you want to learn more about astrology, astral projection, and love compatibility, feel free to read the informative articles available on the site. 
  • Daily horoscopes. You can get the daily horoscopes on your email. All you need is just to fill in the form and enjoy the informative predictions. 
  • Useful perks and promotions. On Mysticsense, you can take advantage of welcome offers. For example, you will get 5 free minutes as soon as you make the first deposit of $10. 
  • Video chats. Not every psychic reading site can boast the possibility to contact the psychic expert via video. Once you perform Mysticsense login, you can interact with an advisor face to face, which may contribute to even more effective sessions. 
  • 24/7 available psychics. You can get in touch with psychic readers regardless of the time. Just browse the catalog available on mysticsense.com, and you will definitely find someone who will fulfill all your needs. 
  • Responsive customer support. Even if you have some issues, a friendly and professional team is ready to get all your concerns covered. Just visit the Help session available on the site and use one of the methods to contact the team.

Mysticsense review—Pros and cons

Before you perform Mysticsense login, it makes sense to learn the advantages and disadvantages of the site. 

  • Multiple communication options available
  • Free Mysticsense horoscope from the best astrologers
  • Responsive customer support
  • 5 free minutes to test the advantages of the site
  • No mobile app
  • The database of Mysticsense best psychics isn’t that large
  • The refund policy may seem confusing
  • Mysticsense promo code may be difficult to find

Types of readings of Mysticsense

Being a relatively new platform for video calls, texting, and audio calls with famous psychics, Mysticsense website allows every client to find the most compatible psychic reader based on the person’s needs. Even though the platform proposes rather narrow types of readings they can shed light on the most demanded and unpleasant situations. There are various types of readings that are specialized in love and affairs, relationships, and far more. 

  • LGBTQ Relationships. More than 200 psychics are working on relationships with LGBT society. No other platform has this option. 
  • Grief counselor. A grief counselor is a person that can help you deal with the loss of a very important person in your life. 
  • Toxic relationships. The most required reading because many people become victims of toxic relationships. If you feel under constant pressure and control, and your partner is not willing to be happy for you then you can head to your divine psychic who will be able to disclose the root of evil in your relationship and help you eliminate it. 
  • Affairs and cheating hearts. Have you had your heart broken, or maybe you made someone miserable and can’t live with that burden? Your advisor is going to eliminate your pain in either situation. 

Here are the following types of psychic advisors that improve the quality of life: 

  • Love psychics. Are you eager to find love or maybe you are already in love and looking for ways to attract this person? Love psychics can help you find the ideal partner and get rid of rejection pain. 
  • Medium psychics. You might have lost someone special and desire to get in contact with them. Medium psychics are going to connect you with the dead ones. 
  • Career psychic. Who do I want to be in the future? What is my perfect profession? The career psychic will save your contemplation time and give you quick answers based on your birth chart and more. 
  • Energy healers. Feel your chakras and auras, heal them with the psychic and fill your body with positive energy. 
  • Intuitive psychics. The intuitive psychic will give you a general reading and help you find out the answers to the questions that have been nagging you for months if not years. 

Mysticsense—legit or scam?

Numerous novice users hesitate before approaching a particular psychic reading website. That is why it is necessary to choose a reliable platform that will deliver first-class services. Mysticsense is one such platform. It provides legal psychic reading services and has an extensive database of specialists with a high level of expertise. If you have any questions or concerns, you can approach responsive customer support. Moreover, the site provides a satisfaction guarantee for those who aren’t fully satisfied with the services. If you want to learn more about real experiences, you can read the customer testimonials in psychics’ profiles. 

How to Find the Right Psychic For You

It is quite easy to find a compatible psychic. The first thing you need to do before searching for a professional online is to realize your problem. This will allow you to clearly state your needs and tell the counselor clearly about your problem. Without knowing your problem you can’t find the right advisor. Once you understand the reason for finding the reader you can head to the website. Here are a few ways for you to opt for the ideal advisor:

  1. Search by specialty

    Mysticsense provided users with a list of specialties they can browse. For example, “lost objects”, “love psychics”, “psychic medium” etc. The website’s interface is so simple that you won’t have any issues with this kind of search. 

  2. Search the advisor by the type of reading

    Maybe you are interested in tarot readers then you can click on this type of reading and a lot of options will pop in. Moreover, you can search for a psychic by the reading style he or she is using. Do you prefer a more compassionate advisor? Or you are into more expressive communication. These are more reading styles available for you.

  3. Read the psychic’s reviews carefully before ordering a call

    True opinions of people disclose all the benefits and downsides of the professional. This site provides only the true Mysticsense psychic phone number. You can check the best psychics on Mysticsense below.

Top 5 Mysticsense advisors

If you want to get a deeper grasp of what kind of psychic reading specialists are available at Mysticsense, study these top picks. Therefore, you will better understand which kind of services you will achieve and what is hidden behind the mystical look of Mysticsense best psychics. 

Greg Colt

If you are all about finding new love or boosting your relationship, feel free to approach Greg Colt. This young yet experienced Mysticsense psychic advisor will definitely help you improve your love affairs. YGreg Colt can interact with energies without tools and give accurate readings. Be ready to pay $3.79 per minute for a phone call and $3.49 per minute for a chat session.

Love Expert Tiffany Luna

Using a crystal ball, Love Expert Tiffany Luna is ready to reveal to you the hidden parts of your life. She has a unique style of work that engages numerous clients. Whether you experience struggles with a breakup, or career, or have any life questions, Love Expert Tiffany Luna is ready to cover all aspects of your life. You can connect with this psychic advisor via phone for $6.00 per minute or chat for $3.00 per minute. This expert will give you all the necessary guidelines to make you happier and get rid of unnecessary concerns. 

Mystic Maya

Mystic Maya Profile Mysticsense

Mystic Maya has been offering professional readings for over seven years with more than 40,000 clients. The main goal of this expert is to give people effective guidelines and make their lives better and happier with more peace and clarity. If you want to explore the world of mysteries and otherworldly powers, feel free to approach Mystic Maya. This advisor has the following rates: $3.59/min for a call, $1.40/min for a live chat, and $4/min for a video chat. 

Psychic Phoenix

Psychic Phoenix Profile Mysticsense

This psychic expert has a 4.5 rating and almost 44 Mysticsense reviews. Psychic Phoenix is a gifted spiritual reader with more than 10 years of experience in spiritual practices. She works with crystals and is an expert in love affairs. Nevertheless, if you have questions about your career or spirituality, you can also approach this advisor. Psychic Phoenix claims that she has a very close and strong spiritual and angel contact with more powerful energies. That is why her predictions are so accurate. 

Psychic Chelsea

Psychic Chelsea Profile Mysticsense

Psychic Chelsea is a newly joined psychic advisor, she is rather popular among users. She is an energy healer and works with holistic healing and reiki. The expert claims that she can feel and see energies and energetic blockages within and around a person’s body, thus delivering insightful information about family issues, social life, and spirituality. You can contact Psychic Chelsea via an instant video chat for only $2.51 per minute and over the phone for $3.00.

Customer experience

The Mysticsense reviews play a crucial role when it comes to determining the authenticity of the site. That is why we addressed third-party review platforms to see whether mysticsense.com delivers a good value per money and whether it is worth the investment. It is worth mentioning that the platform has an awesome 4.9 rating on TrustPilot and almost 700 reviews. Here are some positives and negatives the users have determined.

What users like 👍

Users like the following things at Mysticsense:

  • Generous welcome offer of 5 free minutes
  • Free Mysticsense horoscope
  • Multiple means of communication 
  • Interesting content for spiritual practices lovers
  • High-quality Mysticsense psychic hotline

What users don’t like 👎

There are some aspects that leave much to be desired. The users determine the following negatives about mysticsense.com. 

  • Difficult to get Mysticsense promo code
  • Sometimes there are a few psychics online
  • Once 5 complimentary minutes expire, you will need to pay based on the rates of a particular psychic reader

How to use Mysticsense website?

This Mysticsense review may serve as a guide on how to use the website. Follow these steps to quickly cope with all features and make your spiritual sessions a breeze. 

  1. Initiate a registration of the site. Specify your email, password, and date of birth, and don’t forget to save this information to perform Mysticsense login without any hassles. You can also apply a Mysticsense promo code to get a substantial discount on the site’s services. 
Mysticsense login, Mysticsense promocode
  1. Use the searching options available on the site to choose the best psychic on Mysticsense. You can filter experts by status, special tags, reading type, tools, and specialties. 
choose the best psychic on Mysticsense
  1. Visit a profile of an expert to better learn their principles of work, and tools and read the real customer reviews. Also, you can study the prices on the personal pages of psychic readers. 
Psychic Profile on Mysticsense
  1. Connect with a psychic reader using the available means of communication and enjoy your spiritual session to the fullest. 
  2. You can claim a money refund if you aren’t satisfied with the session. Contact customer support in case you experience any issues. The experienced specialists will give you professional assistance as soon as possible. 
Mysticsense Refund


What is Mysticsense?

Mysticsense is a popular platform that delivers the services of high-quality psychic readers. The site includes a decent database of experts who specialize in different practices such as tarot and angel card reading, numerology, astrology, and even more. The site has a moderate pricing policy and numerous returning users. It caters to the needs of those who are ready to take a deep dive into the world of mysteries and higher powers. 

Is Mysticsense secure & confidential?

All chats and calls on Mysticsense are carefully protected to avoid information leakage. You can also preserve your anonymity while talking with a psychic advisor. Overall, Mysticsense provides a secure environment for both the readers and clients, so you may be sure that you will achieve first-class services.

Does Mysticsense have a refund policy?

If you are not happy with your session, you can claim a money refund. Mysticsense provides a flexible refund policy, though it has some nuances. There isn’t any possibility to get a full deposit refund after having a session with an expert. You can only get back the time back/credits added to your account. Moreover, it is necessary to contact customer support within 48 hours after the last reading. Otherwise, the money refund will be invalid. 

How to find my trusted advisor on Mysticsense?

All psychic advisors registered on the site are experienced enough to deliver top-tier readings. You can find the best one using the search options. Besides, it is possible to browse the catalog of experts and pick your favorite one. Each personal page of a psychic reader includes detailed information about the life path and work of a professional. You can learn about the psychic even before initiating contact. 

How do I get free minutes of Mysticsense?

One of the things that attract clients to Mysticsense is the possibility to get the first  five minutes for free. No other website showers clients with such possibilities. You get your first five minutes after you have created an account, deposited funds, and completed your first call. The money for five minutes will be given back to you after the first call. It looks like a cashback bonus for the new clients.

Can Mysticsense read my horoscope?

Horoscopes can reduce negativity by protecting you from wrong decisions and unnecessary acquaintances. Mysticsesnse provides free horoscopes you can check out. If you desire someone to read your horoscope then you will have to search for a suitable reader. This advisor will not only read your horoscope but give you ideas to eliminate negativity in your life.

How can you connect with Mysticsense advisors?

It is easy to connect with the reader. Before that, you should have at least $10 on your deposit. The next thing you should do is to figure out the type of reading and specialty which are vital to finding the right professional. When you find the right psychic click on the purple heart icon that adds your advisor to “favorites” and then you can connect.

Are there any popular alternatives to Mysticsense?

Even though, Mysticsense is a satisfactory platform, a lot of clients desire to find another one just for comparison. Other popular and not less effective psychic websites are Kasamba, Keen, and California Psychics. They provide similar types of readings and their psychics get through a strict check-up before becoming members.

How Mysticsense Compares to Other Psychic Reading Sites

Mysticsense is without a doubt a trustworthy platform that proposes the most powerful psychic readers from various parts of the world. Unique features and the possibility of Mysticsense refund attracts more and more clients yearly. Content clients share their reviews happily. 

Mysticsense platform is often compared to other more experienced websites packed with satisfied customers either. This comparison is often highlighted in general reviews. People compare the most preferable components: pricing, customer care teamwork, and the psychics reading quality. Let’s take a closer look and compare Mysticsense with the other three websites: Keen, Kasamba, and California psychics. 

Mysticsense vs Keen

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Both Keen and Mysticsense are reliable platforms for different types of readings. However, Keen unlike Mysticsense proposes a larger amount of readings and the reason for that is because it is more experienced than Mysticsense. Mysticsense proposes a $10 surprise after registration which is not an option for Keen. Plus, you get 5 free minutes on Mysticsense when you get only 3 on Keen. 

Mysticsense vs Kasamba

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Kasamba compared to Mysticsense proposes more diverse types of readings that do not only whirl around love and affairs, or toxic relationships but paranormal recognition, Universal laws, and even the occult. However, Mysticsense website proposes lower prices per minute and gives you 5 free minutes while Kasamba narrows it down to 3 minutes only. Kasamba doesn’t provide a refund policy when Mysticsense has this option. 

Mysticsense vs California Psychics

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Both Mysticsense and California Psychics provide a per-minute payment policy. California psychics platform prefers the clients to pay for at least 20 minutes which can range from $20, $40, and $80 depending on the experience of the psychic. California Psychics also proposes a full money refund policy in case of unsatisfactory reading. California Psychics is packed with more versatile types of readings though.


If you want to achieve an additional dose of spiritual advice, feel free to approach Mysticsense psychic readers. All experts specialize in different life niches, so you will certainly find an advisor that will meet all your goals. The site has an excellent rating on such a reliable platform as Trustpilot, a useful set of features, multiple messaging options, and a lot of experienced experts. Moreover, Mysticsense boasts a generous discount for novice users. You can even use a Mysticsense promo code to derive an even greater advantage. Overall, the pricing policy of the site completely justifies the features it delivers. So, don’t hesitate to join Mysticsense to change your life for the better.

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