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A psychic attack is a paranormal assault caused by an “evil eye,” a negative energy that another person has for you, or by demonic spirits. The shadow side of frenemies, in the form of such negative emotions as jealousy, hate, etc., can make you feel anxious or doubt yourself, lower your energy level and make you emotionally paralyzed, unable to do anything. A psychic attack involves specific inner blocks appearing in your aura that weaken your energetic field and, thus, the level of your happiness and satisfaction with life.

Psychic attacks are not always projected intentionally. Some people, aka senders, openly wish you to be in such a terrible state. They know how to psychic attack someone with the help of spells or specific psychic attack techniques. Others can just have hidden negative feelings for you. However, these feelings transform into energy which impacts your emotional state too.

Psychic attack symptoms

Psychic attack symptoms.

You may not suspect you fell under the influence of a psychic attack, assuming you have depression or a bad mood. Sometimes we don’t notice something is wrong with our emotional well-being because we are too busy to pay attention to a sudden mood switch. However, some psychic attack symptoms may indicate your personal growth and happiness are under threat.

  1. Your self-esteem suddenly became extremely low. You begin second-guessing every potential choice, even in the field you are an expert. Such indecision makes you drained inside, unmotivated, and unable to move forward. It seems as if you face the invisible wall that blocks your progress.
  2. Your desire to talk to other people drops. You begin feeling unconfident and awkward around other people, including the closest ones.
  3. Your psychic health is also undergoing negative changes. Thus, you often experience any kind of pain, like a headache. Also, you feel cold and express no will to leave your bed as if you are seriously ill. Besides, you may start seeing nightmares very often.
  4. Your success level is falling. Constant losses keep happening to you. It can make you think you have turned into a loser or a walking woe.

Why do psychic attacks occur?

Whats an energy attack? Psychic attacks happen when someone, feeling anger, paranoid jealousy, or other negative emotions, gets taken over by it. It gets to the point that he or she is able to project this energy onto us, leaving an unpleasant foot on our aura. Sometimes it can turn into inadequacy when people begin sending demonic spells onto us.

A strangely negative mood can also be caused by deeply rooted inner problems that remain unresolved.

Who can be a sender of physical or mental intrusions that a psychic attack entails? The answer is everyone who has malevolent eyes for you. This list can include your relatives, friends, partners and ex-partners, coworkers, boss, etc.

Best ways to protect yourself from a psychic attack

How to protect yourself from negative psychic energy? If you experience this paranormal assault or are afraid you can become a victim of harmful energy, you should learn some advanced psychic protection techniques.

Best ways to protect yourself from a psychic attack.


The first way of protection against psychic attacks includes asking spirits, God, or other celestial powers for help and keep believing you will be saved. The mindset shift from knowing you are experiencing a psychic attack to believing you deserve relief and happiness can change the situation tremendously. Vibrations caused by the energy level our thoughts produce influence our course of life, letting us be either a victim or a winner.  


A daily self-check is an excellent protection against psychic attack. You should analyze if you feel the symptoms mentioned above, and how they affect your well-being. Also, think about possible solutions to a bad influence.

The best protection against a psychic attack is not dramatizing your condition but asking yourself what lessons it gives you. Perceiving this trauma as a logical math problem reduces the pain you may feel. To find the solution, you can ask for advice from your friends or relatives, or other people you trust. However, it’s better to consult a spiritual practitioner since they are not interested in causing you more damage.

Self-awareness can also be reached through meditation. Meditating helps to clear your mind and find unresolved problems. Also, it can calm you down, boosting your energy level. It’s one of the best ways to reduce stress and anxiety.


Your healing journey can also rely on a Reiki spiritual session. This type of alternative medicine is widely spread in Asian countries and implies your Reiki psychic using a palm healing technique. Your spiritual advisor touches you transferring his or her positive energy through your palms.

Such sessions can also be more fruitful if they include quiet, relaxing music and aroma candles. Such a combination will help you relax and release negative energy from every layer of your aura. However, before ordering Reiki healing, check how your potential psychic conducts the sessions, and how much they ask for the service. In addition, analyze whether the energy of a person suits your emotional field. It’s crucial since there should be a strong connection between a psychic and a client for better results.

Inner light practice

The best way to defeat the dark demons inside is to blind them with the light of positivity. Imagine you have a little candle burning inside your heart. Then visualize it expanding and spreading warmth. This light should go beyond your body, becoming a protective bubble around you. While imagining it, keep repeating to yourself that you are this light and you can win any darkness.

Dreams checking

Since nightmares are an integral part of psychic attacks, it’s worth paying attention to them too. Analyze what you see in dreams. If it’s hard to indicate the hidden meaning behind your nightmares, ask a psychologist or a psychic specializing in dream analysis for an explanation. The night terrors can tell a lot about what’s wrong in your life, showing us what our subconscious mind wants to reveal.

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