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Some people discover their paranormal abilities by accident. Others realize their different psychic abilities at a young age. Any of those who found out they have psychic gifts decide to exploit their skills and energy to help others.

Check out the most popular types of psychic powers below. Maybe you will come across the one you also have?

List of different types of psychics abilities.

Tarot reading 

When you visit any psychic reading service, in most cases, you will see experts who possess such a spiritual skill as tarot card reading

Tarot card dash consists of 78 cards which, traditionally, are divided into two groups: the Major Arcana and Minor Arcana. This reading type is not only widespread but also quite old. This practice of fortune-telling was the instrument for divination for many years. Thus, the first references to tarot readings reach the 15th century. 

Tarot card readers can provide guidance in career, love, and other spheres by interpreting the meaning of cards. 


The term “telepathy” originates from the Greek language: tele means “distant” and pathos means perception or feeling. This psychic ability implies reading thoughts without using any human sensors that would let a person learn what is on the mind of another human. 

Frederic W. H. Myers, a founder of SPR (the Society for Psychical Research) first mentioned this term in the 19th century, which ousted the old expression thought-transference. 

Supporters who believe in the existence of this paranormal power haven’t managed to prove telepathy is real. Accordingly, the scientific community regards it as pseudoscience. 

Still, we can often hear about cases of telepathy on TV, on the Internet, or radio. For that reason, this is worth assuming people with such spiritual abilities are among us. 


Clairvoyance means the ability to see ghosts, spirits, auras of a person, or events happening now in another place or happened in the past. Psychic readers with such powers receive “clairvoyant messages” during a spiritual session. For example, if a client is extremely overwhelmed by job/family problems, an expert can see a burden hanging from the neck of the customer, which symbolizes tiredness.

Like any other paranormal power, the scientific community does not recognize clairvoyance. Still, many clairvoyants help people with painful issues during reading consultations.  


Precognition is one of the subclasses of clairvoyance. The term derives from Latin words, prae – “before” and cognitio – “gaining knowledge”. Although this is a pseudoscience, for many years, people have believed in this phenomenon, extensively supported by the parapsychology community.

To put it concisely, precognition is the ability to see future events before they happen. This predictive practice is widely used by psychic readers. However, maybe every one of us has experienced precognition in our life. Precognitive dreams are the most famous form of precognition. If you ever had it that you saw a dream and it came true, most likely, it was a precognition act. 

Remote viewing 

Imagine a person, let’s call him Peter, who connected his smartwatch to his iPhone. Peter puts his phone in one room while sitting with his smartwatches in another room. The man, having connected cameras to his watches and handy, can check what is happening in another place. 

This is a rough explanation of remote viewing — the paranormal skill to see objects or people located out of reach of your eyes.

Researchers at Stanford Research Institute (SRI) Russell Targ and Harold Puthoff were the first to distinguish this term from clairvoyance which has a close meaning. 


If precognition implies seeing events before they happen, retrocognition means the opposite. Readers with retrocognition skills can see the past unknown to everyone. First coined by Frederic W. H. Myers, this term was recognized as an untestable psychic phenomenon. However, such a paranormal skill as retrocognition can be proved by consulting various resources which can show evidence that precognition facts are real. 

Besides, history even saw some cases of precognitions. Annie Moberly and Eleanor Jourdain got lost in Marie Antoinette’s private château and saw Marie Antoinette, who told them some facts from her life. The facts were proven by recollection notes of the princess, dated 10 August 1792. 


Clairsentience is an advanced form of empathy and intuition. This extrasensory power implies feeling someone’s aura, and positive and negative emotions. Clairsentients possess a great level of compassion and discernment. 

Every one of us once in their life got clairsentience experience. For example, maybe your inner voice predicted that your negotiator was a dangerous type. Also, you probably got a ‘gut’ feeling about one person who underwent a painful situation in their life.  

Not only psychic readers can exploit clairsentience powers. Doctors, teachers, and psychologists benefit a lot from having such a skill. 


How does a psychic know about your problems before you tell him/her? How does he/she define your hidden feelings so accurately? The answer is that your expert has claircognizance skills

Claircognizance belongs to the types of clairvoyance. This is the power to know something before being aware of it. Claircognizance demands a high level of intuition combined with logic which every human can develop. All you need is to strengthen your thinking abilities by reading books, solving real cases, and doing logical exercises. Besides, you should be around people to train your hunches of identifying liars, people in silent grief or suffering, etc.


Clairaudience is an unfathomable paranormal ability characterized by hearing spirits, words, music, and other sounds that surround a person. These sounds are unreachable to the average person. That’s why clairaudients make brilliant guides to reveal what your inner voices want to tell you.

It should be mentioned that clairaudience doesn’t mean sound hallucinations. Usually, clairvoyance messages sound calm in comparison to the harsh and severe yelling the person with such psychological disabilities may hear.

A clairaudience reader may hear a short phrase that can, for example, identify a major trigger of a client’s traumatic experience.


As you see, there are different types of clairvoyance. Clairgustance is one of them. It is a bit of an unusual kind of divination that implies feeling the taste of food, liquids, or other materials that aren’t in your mouth. Some people probably call it weird, but clairgustance abilities are an excellent way to explore your inner world or learn about your past, present and future.

How does it work? A clairgustant psychic reader screen a client’s energy and begins feeling a taste of oranges, for example. To the client’s surprise, those are fruits that he stopped eating after the death of his mother. When the client saw his mother lying dead in her bed, he noticed an unfinished orange on the bedside table. And the death of his mother is the biggest client’s grief which doesn’t give him peace.


First things first, such clairvoyance types as clairempathy and clairsentience are not the same. While clairsentience means feeling others’ emotions in real-time, clairempathy helps you find out the feelings of people from another time or location. Thus, psychic empaths can detect what your great-grandmother felt while marrying your great-grandfather or help you find what’s bothering the heart of your partner while he or she is in another country. 

Clairempath can take a personal item belonging to or in the possession of the person you are asking about or can analyze your aura for exploiting these paranormal powers. 


Psychic mediums use their spiritual strength and powers to connect with the souls of people who passed away. People address mediums for getting advice from their ancestors or finding answers to unresolved questions from a person who might be able to answer them but, unfortunately, died. Besides, these spiritual guides can also reach the soul of your dead pet to help you define whether the soul of your favorite animal has found peace. 

Medium readings became popular in the 19th century when the entertaining ouija boards got their zenith of success. However, even ancient people believed in the spiritual powers of mediums. 


You may have heard many stories about werewolves, people who can transform into wolves, or vampire people who can turn into bets or crooks. This superhuman power is called shapeshifting — the ability to get the appearance of other objects, animals, and people. Although shapeshifting isn’t used for psychic reading sessions, still, this skill is a mind-bowling spiritual power of a person since legends say that ancient gods possessed this type of psychic ability.

Shapeshifters use various ways for such transformation. For example, they resort to demonic manipulation or magical spells. Some owners of shapeshifting power inherit it from their ancestors. 


Xenoglossy or xenolalia comes from the Ancient Greek words glōssa – “language” and xenos – “foreigner”. This paranormal ability implies understanding and speaking languages that you have never learned. Many polyglots would go crazy if they find you can speak languages without any effort, by the way. 

This term was first coined in 1905 by French parapsychologist Charles Richet. Besides, you can even find references to xenoglossy in the New Testament. 

Also, there are two types of this supernatural skill: recitative and responsive xenoglossy.


Psychoscopy, token-object reading, or psychometry is a spiritual power of defining the unrevealed history by making physical contact with an object involved in the events. People who claim to have such types of psychics abilities say that every item has its memories and the energetic field that absorbs and carries these memories through the years. 

Psychometry doesn’t suit online psychic readings. However, you can learn much from an offline consultation with such a reader. All you need is to bring an object you think could be involved in a story that remains unexplored. 

Psychic surgery

Psychic surgery aims to treat people’s health with the help of illusionary surgery conducted by a spiritual reader. The first psychic surgery appeared in the middle of the past century in such countries as the Philippines and Brazil. 

Such a pseudoscientific approach to treating any form of disease and illness is not widespread among psychics, let alone online experts. However, many people resort to this method, being afraid to have actual medical interference or possessing not enough money for surgery. 

A typical psychic surgery looks like this: a reader presses his or her fingers on the area to be treated, pretending to penetrate the skin. Then the expert shows organ parts of animals to make an illusion as if he removed them from the patient’s body. 

Emotional freedom technique (EFT)

EFT is rather a psychological method but is frequently used by psychic readers. Another name for the emotional freedom technique is tapping because it involves tapping on some areas of a body, such as the head, hand, and torso, to lower the level of stress and anxiety or help get rid of troubling and painful thoughts. 

You can also develop skills in EFT. All you need to do is to concentrate on a bothering issue, measure the pain and describe what you feel exactly. Then say to yourself that you accept yourself, no matter what bothers you. And afterward, proceed with actual tapping, beginning from your fingers and palms, and keep tapping through your whole body until you feel the light thoughts come to your mind. 

Final point 

Psychic reading types are diverse and inspiring. Despite any prejudices, all types of psychics abilities deserve attention since they can help you by bringing enlightenment, beneficial information, and relief to your life. 

You can choose any of them according to your priorities and financial abilities. However, if you prefer only online, check in advance if your chosen psychic website provides experts with certain types of psychic gifts. Besides, check whether specialists possess appropriate levels of psychic abilities.

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