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Spirituality is a fascinating topic that many of us are too busy to acknowledge or research until a dire need to do it presents itself. For some, the event to trigger their spiritual journey is a personal crisis, and others feel like it’s the only thing that can give them the answers they so desperately need.

For many centuries, people have been using the art of spiritual advisory to understand themselves and the world around them better. A spiritual advisor is someone who can help them do it faster and more efficiently. However, spiritual advisors are often confused with psychics. 

Today we are squashing any misunderstanding there can be with our guide explaining the difference between a psychic reader and advisor and when to consult the latter.

Difference Between Spiritual Advisors and Psychics.

What Is a Spiritual Advisor?

Originally, the concept of spirituality served to distinguish people interested in divine matters from people with more materialistic and routine interests. With time, this concept has evolved significantly, but its essence remained the same. Spirituality means being connected to the higher powers. A spiritual advisor, in turn, is a person who guides another person through the journey to spirituality.

What Is a Psychic?

The word “psychic” sounds very close to “psyche”, and it’s not a coincidence. The art of psychic readings has everything to do with the human psyche, and a psychic is a person who understands the human psyche better than others and can find answers even to the most complicated questions. A psychic will analyze all kinds of data, obtained from dozens of different spiritual sources, to give their client the clarity they desire.

What’s the Difference Between a Spiritual Advisor and a Psychic?

We’ve already covered the spiritual advisor definition and what is spiritual advisor’s origins. However, the concepts of spiritual advisors and psychic readers may still look pretty similar to you. Here is the comparison of these two concepts in the form of a table.

Spiritual advisorPsychic
Are born with strong spiritual powers and practice their whole life to make those powers even stronger.May be born with or without psychic abilities — in many cases, those can be acquired through hard work.
Can sometimes look odd and behave differently from other people; prefer to have deeper conversations.Typically, look and behave like regular people, so you won’t know they are a psychic unless you ask.
Don’t have any limitations on the things they discuss with their clients whatsoever, and may make exceptions for things like guessing lottery ticket numbers.Usually have a range of topics they want to talk about and one or more tools they use in their readings, don’t want to venture beyond that.
Can start a spiritual guidance session without being given any prompts by the client.Will wait for the client to formulate a request before they start reading.
Will usually accept money for their services, but perform spiritual guidance because they simply must.Normally, have a fixed price per minute or per reading because they do it for a living.

What Does a Spiritual Advisor Do?

Compared to psychics, spiritual advisors are slightly less common in the world of divine revelations. Therefore, while most people know that psychics can deal with fortune telling, tarot reading, palm reading, and other popular services, it can sometimes be hard to find the definitive answer to the question: what does a spiritual advisor do?

In short, a spiritual advisor helps a person find a connection to the higher powers and strengthen that connection to give the person the answers to the biggest life questions. The range of topics one can discuss with an advisor is virtually unlimited. Here are just a few of the life matters a true advisor can help you with:

And that is not all. Ideally, when you have a trusted spiritual advisor meaning a person you can come to with questions, you can even discuss stuff you wouldn’t discuss with anyone else you know personally. When there is a bond between you and your advisor, no topic is off-limits.

Benefits of Having a Spiritual Advisor

Now you know what is a spiritual reader, but what is spiritual advisor’s purpose in human life? To answer this question, let’s look into the details of how you can benefit from finding a spiritual advisor:

  1. Get some peace of mind. Sometimes in life, it seems like you cannot continue the same way unless you discuss your problems with someone. A spiritual consultant can become that special someone for you and show you a clear way out of any situation.
  2. Improve relationships with others. Our relationships with our romantic partners, friends, family members, and co-workers are possibly the most important yet most complicated and often neglected part of our life. Spiritual advisors have plenty of experience with all kinds of relationships and know how to make them better.
  3. Find a purpose in life. Have you ever caught yourself thinking that your life is aimless and you don’t know where you’re going? That’s what is a spiritual reader’s specialty: helping people find purpose in life when they struggle to do it on their own.
  4. Connect to higher powers. It’s no coincidence that spiritual guidance is strongly associated with religion. A spiritual advisor doesn’t necessarily have to be religious, but most of them are firmly connected to god or other divine entities and can help you establish that connection as well.
  5. Discover your own self. A typical human being’s life is so busy that we barely have the time to stop and think about what we are really like, what we want in life, what our dislikes are, who we want to be together with, and other topics that may seem complicated but are also essential for our wellbeing. An advisor will help you discover and understand things about yourself you never even knew were there.

How To Find a Spiritual Advisor?

As you can guess already, it’s definitely not enough to Google “how to become a spiritual advisor” to become one. The best spiritual psychics go through years of training and even more years of hands-on spiritual practice. This is the only way to become good at what they’re doing. 

But how to find a spiritual advisor who really understands you and answers the right questions? And how to tell a good spiritual consultant from an imposter? If you have no experience with spiritual guides but want to arrange your first session, we’ve prepared a list of sites with the strictest vetting process where you have the highest chance of finding the perfect spiritual advisor for your needs.

Best Spiritual Advisors

Even with all the tips above, it can take you a while to find a spiritual advisor who completely matches your expectations and genuinely understands your needs. This is why we’ve decided to save you time by presenting a list of five spiritual advisors with proven expertise and a flawless success record.

Advisor Arya

Advisor Arya - Best Spiritual Advisors

Arya has been providing psychic and spiritual readings for over fifteen years and uses a combination of Western and Eastern philosophies to explain things that even other spiritual advisors may struggle with.

Soulmate Advisor Katherine

Soulmate Advisor Katherine - Best Spiritual Advisors

Katherine is an all-inclusive, compassionate reader who specializes in helping people meet their soulmates. She will stay with her clients until they get the clarity they need and can consult on a wide range of topics.

Psychic Life Coach

Psychic Life Coach - Best Spiritual Advisors

This coach is called Amanda and is a third-generation spiritual reader. Amanda is primarily a love psychic coach, but her area of expertise includes anything from career and life path to the client’s own psychic abilities they want to develop.

Intuitive Seer

Intuitive Seer - Best Spiritual Advisors

This is a spiritual expert with decades of experience and extensive training that includes astronomy and mathematical astrology. His goal is to give his clients nothing but the truth, and even when the outcome doesn’t look good, he tries to guide the client to a positive ending.

Mystic Bella

Mystic Bella - Best Spiritual Advisors

Mystic Bella is an experienced advisor with a flawless rating on the platform and hundreds of satisfied clients. Her specialty is everything regarding love and relationships, but she also can deliver insights about a person’s past lives in a comprehensive and compassionate manner.


Spiritual advising does not require exotic tools or one-of-a-kind techniques, but it’s one of the few divine practices that can really make a difference in the way you feel about yourself and the world around you. 

And when talking about something as sensitive and life-changing as self-discovery and spirituality, it’s best to work with a professional spiritual consultant who will not only understand how you feel at the moment but also how your well-being can be improved.

Dan Allender
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Dan Allender is a psychologist and astrology and psychics expert.
He is the founder of The Allender Center and The Seattle School of Theology & Psychology, which prepared mental health professionals and helped hundreds of lives to heal their traumas.
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