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The new age of spirituality has adapted to the presence of online psychic readings in the online dimension. Unique practices become life-changing experiences. 

Online psychics are now present on various platforms. You can ask them questions about friends reconciling, pet loss, career breakthroughs, and many other life-altering decisions. The possibilities are endless if the right advisor is in front of you.

How Much do Psychics Make? 

Depending on the website, you will need to face various pricing rates. On some types of platforms, you get 5 free minutes with the advisor. About the special offers, you will find out later. 

If you want to know how much do psychics readings cost, then you need to be prepared for a one-minute payment strategy. If you have a live conversation with an expert, you should expect at least $1 to $15 per minute. 

Taking into consideration a mail psychic where you send an email with your question instead of a real conversation, here the cost shifts from $5 to $20 per mail. 

Let’s conclude, if you have a 20-minute conversation with a specialist, you can pay from $20 to $50-$60. In a few moments, you are going to find out more about the pricing rates on various platforms and which website will be your best option to start.

Why Is There A Price Difference?

  • How much do tarot readings cost?
  • How much is a medium?
  • Why is it so cheap?
  • Why is it so expensive? 

When you get on the new website you might get perplexed with the range of options you will be given and get even more exasperated with the prices. This is not the case where you need to expect one price for every expert. 

Every professional has a different price for the services. In any profession, whether it is a teacher, writer, or therapist, the price depends on three factors: 

  • Years of experience
  • Reputation
  • Area of expertise

Experience and Reputation in Reading

A psychic who got through extensive training and years of experience is going to charge more money for the service than someone with no training and no experience whatsoever. You should consider the following three factors when you start searching for a high-quality psychic. 

Psychic reading price entirely depends on certain metaphysical fields that need to be studied and trained. Astrology, for example, is a science that fully connects planetary alignments and how they influence people’s personalities and lives. 

If you’d like to know how much do tarot readers charge, then pay attention to this domain. The art of tarot readings also takes years of training and practice to learn. Each card has a special meaning that alters based on the placement within each spread. Tarot readers should be intuitive, with years of experience, in order to fully access the true meaning and provide the most transparent interpretation.

And there are many other areas you should consider before choosing a psychic reader. Overall, the cost of the reading depends on the area and the experience of the reader. There is a difference between a beginner and a 5-year experienced expert. You can learn about their indicated experience on the websites. 

Demand and Location of Service

Psychic experience is not the only thing that matters when it goes to payment. Location plays a big role here too. The most popular countries where you can encounter powerful advisors are: the United Kingdom, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, and the United States. Here’s a quick rundown on what you can expect to pay in the following countries:

  • UK – 22.50 GBP for 10 minutes
  • Australia – $44.84 for 15 minutes via text
  • Singapore – $44.85 SG* for 15 minutes 
  • USA – $37.50 for 15 minutes
  • Hong Kong – $285 HK* 10 minutes only

The most popular cities where psychics recite are:

  • New Orleans. Best psychics in New Orleans work outside of Bourbon Street. The average psychic charges only $5 a reading.
  • Sedona. Many psychics live in this area. Many clairvoyants work directly from their homes, and tarot card readers provide their services in spiritual shops like Mystical Bazaar. The average price per minute is $6.
  • Lily Dale. The most popular psychics specialize in tarot readings. Do you want to find more details about your future or find the beloved one? A typical psychic tarot reader can charge $7-$8 per minute.

Psychic Reading Price Of Different Types of Reading

Psychic Reading Price Of Different Types of Reading

Different types of reading require different amounts of time and power. Therefore, their cost might depend on the experience of the expert and the reading domain, of course. As we know, there are 4 most popular types of readings: palm reading, tarot reading, clairvoyant, and astrology. 

Palm readings

Palmistry is the art of predicting a person’s future and analyzing their past or present based on the shape, lines, and signs embedded in your hands. You can get great advice from a palm reader without becoming bankrupt. There are cheap and expensive palm readers. Here the amount of their experience enters the stage.

Not all palm readings performed by a professional are expensive. Most palmists offer a short 10-15-minute service for only $25-$30. When you head to a professional with 6+ years of experience, be ready to pay a double price. 

Clairvoyant reading

A clairvoyant is a person who can see the future and the things that other people cannot see. You will obtain insights into your past, present, and future life and spiritual motivation. New inspiration and motivation will be open to you through concrete channeled messages and guidance. 

The average clairvoyant reader charges $39 per 15 minutes, $69 per 30 minutes, and $129 per 60 minutes.

Tarot reading

If you want to know how much do tarot readings cost, you need to understand what the psychic deals with. 78 cards in the tarot deck represent specific definitions. Tarot reading prices depend on the level of training of the psychic. Tarot card readers spend a hell of a time learning the cards and the tarot spreads. Some tarot card readers charge an hourly rate or on the tarot card spread you choose. The rate varies depending on experience:

  • $10-$15 per hour for a tarot card reader with 1-2 years of experience
  • $60-$80 per hour for a reader with 5-6 years of experience
  • $120 per hour for an experienced tarot expert

Astrology readings

Astrology readings are one of the most expensive types since it can take years for astrologers to master the astrology knowledge for the reading. An astrologer has the ability to give you special insights into how your behavior depends on the birth chart. Since the power of zodiac signs can affect your present and the future, this requires a great deal of knowledge and experience. 

Astrologers on average take from $100-$300 for a personal birth chart reading.

Psychic Reading Price Of Different Methods of Reading

As you have already learned, experience and the area of reading affect a psychic reading price. One more thing you need to pay attention to when you look for a psychic is the method of reading. Among the most common methods are: phone reading, online chat, and email

How Much Does a Psychic Reading Cost? — Average Prices.

Of course, the cost for each method is going to depend on the website you are going to choose. 

Phone Psychic Reading Prices

Phone reading means you have a conversation with a psychic via audio or video call. Before your call, you indicate all the necessary information about yourself via chat and during the actual call, you state your problem. Usually, psychics charge calls per minute. 

  • Beginners charge $4-$6 for one minute of reading
  • Middle-experts charge from $6 to $10 per minute
  • The most elevated advisors charge $10-$12 per minute of reading. 

Online Chat Psychic Reading Prices

Online chat allows you to communicate with a psychic via chatting. You exchange messages and get the needed answers. There pops a question of how much do psychics cost when it goes to online chat. The price for the chat is usually lower compared to communication. 

  • Beginner readers charge $1-$6 for one minute of reading
  • More experienced charge from $3 to $8 per minute of chatting
  • The most elevated experts charge $8-$10 per minute of reading. 

Email Psychic Reading Prices

Email psychic reading presupposes you are chatting with a psychic via email. The price for the email also relies on the general knowledge and experience of the psychic. As with other methods, email readings are charged per minute on most websites. The package policy is also possible. We are going to dive deeply into various websites’ payments a little bit later. 

  • Top rated: $1-$5 for one minute 
  • Elite: $5 to $8 per minute 
  • Master: $8-$10 per minute 

Psychic Reading Price Of Different Online Services

The number of online services is versatile. Psychic reading price on them varies depending on the general rates, psychics’ experience, and website reviews. Today we are going to learn about the top 7 psychic reading websites, their prices, and discounts

Kasamba Prices & Discounts

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Being one of the most legit websites with over 20 years of experience, Kasamba has built a reputation to be a fast-growing, client-content platform. When you register at the website, you are getting the first 3 minutes for free. Moreover, you get a 15% discount on your session. This allows a client to gradually get used to the platform.

The per-minute policy is vital here. The lowest price for Kasamba psychic readings starts at $1.69 and goes up to $25.49.

The psychic cost depends on the level of experience and the methods of reading. For example, if you’d like to know how much does it cost to see a medium, then pay attention to the general rates and reviews. The bigger the rates, the higher the price. 

Nebula Prices & Discounts

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You will be talking to real experts here. Nebula is a reliable website offering both paid and free services. On top of that, you can take advantage of the application and use the website from your phone. 

The website gathered thousands of clients from different parts of the world who shared positive reviews on the clients’ page. 

When it goes to prices, it is essential to highlight that the website is using the package policy. In order to use the services, a person should buy a subscription. Another great news is that new members get a trial period of 100 or 14$ credits. They can use them for interaction with the experts. The prices for subscriptions are as follows: 

  1. A basic package for $19.99.
  2. A week’s subscription is only $9.99 with a 3-day trial.
  3. A yearly subscription for $49.99 with a 3-day trial.
  4. A lifetime subscription for $119.99.

The minute of communication with an expert charges 30 credits from the user. 

Keen Prices & Discounts

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Keen is one of the oldest psychic websites, which was created in 1999. This proves the website to be a reliable source of online assistance. Keen has gathered jubilant clients who drastically changed their lives. 

Satisfied clients shared their positive experiences via reviews. You can check them out on the website. Psychic readers here are using various methods beginning from tarot readings up to medium sessions where you can have a nice chat with the dead relative. 

Keen uses a pay-per-minute pricing structure. The lowest price begins at $1.99 per minute and continues to $30 per minute. 

The best offer comes after registration. There you get the first 3 minutes for free or pay only $1.99 for the first 10 minutes of reading. 

The program “Refer-a-Friend” brings another beneficial experience to the usage of the website. If you tell a friend about Keen, your friend will get 3 free minutes for such services as tarot or psychic reading. An additional $50 coupon can be spent on the site, where advisors can answer all your questions and assist with your life issues. 

California Psychics Prices & Discounts

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Another contemporary-looking and trustworthy website with large opportunities for both psychics and clients. 

You can imagine the number of clients the website has gained through 25 years of experience. Moreover, the website proposes a refund policy where in case you are dissatisfied with your reading you can get a full refund. 

That is why the number of clients from California psychics is constantly rising. How much does a medium cost here? How much are tarot readings? 

The answer to this question is simple — a per-minute price or a subscription policy. 

If you opt for the first option, you can pay at least $1 per minute. The highest price per minute is $15. In case you choose the second option, here is what you should expect:

  1. $20 for 20 minutes (the average psychic here has got 2-3 years of experience);
  2. $40 for 20 minutes (here the psychics are loaded with more experience — 5-15 years);
  3. $80 for 20 minutes (you get a chance to get the reading from the most professional and experienced readers with more than 10 years). 

The transactions can be transferred via PayPal or credit cards. 

Mysticsense Prices & Discounts

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Have you ever wanted to dive into a modern-looking website loaded with the best psychic readers from different parts of the world? You are lucky to bump into this page since Mysticsense does not only propose various types of readings that improve the quality of your life but also gives you a chance to get your money back. 

So, let’s move to the pricing since this is the purpose of your reading this article. 

The pricing policy here is clear and transparent. After the signing up process, you get $10 for free. Guess what? You are allowed to use them on any type of service and get used to the platform. 

When using Mysticsense you should expect a per-minute payment. The lowest price per minute is $0.99 up to $10. It is rather low compared to other platforms. 

Even powerful psychics take $3-$4 per minute of reading. 

But the surprises do not end here. You get a 5-minute free trial reading after becoming a member. The possibility of a refund is applicable if your results were non-satisfactory. 

Oranum Prices & Discounts

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How much does it cost to see a medium on Oranum? Can I heal my negative feelings fast? What results can I expect from the sound heals? These and far more are the common questions asked by new clients. 

Having 8 years of experience, Oranum has proven to be a legit platform. Since all the new psychics get through a meticulous hiring process. Moreover, before paying the advisors, you can check them on the live sessions. Hence, you can understand whether there is a professional in front of you from the transparency of replies, etc. 

Pricing? Well, it is different from other platforms but doesn’t hesitate to learn it because it is easier than it may seem. 

Oranum uses a coin system. When you register at Oranum, you receive 10,000 coins for your credit card validation. On average, a psychic takes from 1,000 to 3,000 coins per minute. 

Learn more about the package and bonus system here:

  • 227,000 (91,000 Bonus) = €479.99
  • 107,000 (39,000 Bonus) = €239.99
  • 47,000 (13,000 Bonus) = €119.99 
  • 22,700 (5,700 Bonus) = €59.99
  • 12,700 (2,500 Bonus) = €35.99
  • 3,700 (300 Bonus) = €11.99 
  • 1,700= €5.99

People are advised to buy larger packages to spend more time with their spiritual advisors. 

AskNow Prices & Discounts

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AskNow has existed for quite a while, too. It was founded in 2005. Before learning how much do psychics cost here, you should know that they are hired after a very detailed hiring process. Therefore, not everyone can work for the platform since it cares about its reputation. 

Now, the pricing…

After registration on AskNow, you receive the first 5 minutes with the psychic master for free. After the first free minutes, you will need to pay per minute as usual. The psychic chat rates are similar to the psychic’s phone rate.

The lowest rate is $5.99 per minute, while the highest is $13.99 per minute. If you are unsatisfied with the session, you get a chance to talk for an additional 5 minutes for free with a reader. 

How much do psychics make? 

  • Top Rated: $5.99-$9.99
  • Elite: $10-$11.99
  • Master: $12-$13.99

You can also use introductory packages:

  • You pay $30 for 30 minutes
  • You spend $20 for 20 minutes

Additional 5 minutes for free are given if you choose an Elite or a Master psychic.

Why Aren’t Psychic Readings Free?

They are given natural transcendental gifts and must help people for free — that is what many people think when they look for cheap or free psychics. But here comes a logical question — why should psychics propose free services? 

There are two answers: 

  • Psychic readers take a significant amount of time to learn how to read. It is not like they wake up with special skills and start manipulating a deck of cards. Depending on the area of reading psychics spend money and energy to train their abilities
  • Psychic advisors help people with their problems, which should be valued. If we don’t touch upon scammers and talk about real professionals, they improve the lives of others and deserve to be paid for that. 

Why on Earth should a person work for free if his or her work brings benefits to society? Some will understand and some won’t. 


If you have a problem you can’t deal with on your own, you can head to reliable psychic websites. The pricing rates here depend on the experience of the reader, methods, and areas of reading. It is important to understand that the psychic reading price also relies on the location. Psychics from bigger cities and more-developed countries charge more money for their services. The great news is that almost every psychic website provides new clients with special offers and bonuses to adapt to the platform. You can start your reading journey with cheaper psychics since they all get through a meticulous hiring process that proves they are skilled enough to help others.

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