Dan Allender

Dan Allender

Astrology Expert

I have devoted almost my entire life to examining various traumas and helping many people to heal. Besides, I have written many books, such as The Healing Path and The Wounded Heart.

But with each new patient, I wondered more and more why these people have such a fate. Besides family and social factors that influence the formation of our destiny, there should have been some higher forces that predetermine our destiny.

That's how I got interested in astrology. Delving into this topic, I began to understand that space giants play a crucial role in simple human life.

I started doing sessions for some friends and relatives as an experiment. My astrological predictions were almost always correct! My skeptical attitude towards this niche was inspired by the beginning of a new stage of life.

Such results were a sign that it was worth taking astrological predictions seriously. After all, if I can help people in such a niche, then why not do it?

Soon I contacted PsychicHouseOfMagic and started working with them. I am very glad that I managed to find this company. I enjoy working with them because I feel I'm making a difference. Knowledge of psychology helps me in writing articles on astrological topics and not only. By combining psychology and astrological skills, I can conduct successful sessions with many of my clients and grow professionally.

So, if failures haunt you, or you want to know the outcome of your decisions, you can feel free to contact me for an astrological session. Together, we can help you heal and improve your life.

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